Out of the many questions that cross a person’s mind after getting in a car accident, ‘who pays for the medical bills after a car accident injury?’ is probably one of the most prominent ones. Nearly every driver who has gotten into a relatively serious accident in Minneapolis, MN has to find an answer to this as soon as possible, even if they are still mentally and emotionally recovering from the trauma they just experienced.

Since car accident injuries are so unexpected, most drivers are not prepared for the sudden financial blow they face regarding medical bills and property damage.

The good news is that if a driver was properly insured, they can have their damages covered so they do not have to worry about paying their bills out of their pocket. In Minnesota, a no-fault insurance policy is followed. This means that under the law, a person must request their own insurance company to cover their medical bills before they can turn to someone else. It is up to the insurance company to cover a person’s medical bills, and the victim can generally choose whichever medical facility they want to receive treatment.

If the other driver acted very negligently and a person was severely injured, it may be possible for the victim to file a lawsuit against them. An accident lawyer can better educate a person on what legal steps they should take to guarantee the largest amount of settlement for the harm they suffered.

Covering vehicle damage after an accident in Minneapolis, MN

As for property damage to one’s vehicle, a person can have this covered through the at-fault driver’s insurance company. If a person carries their own collision coverage, they may be entitled to receive coverage from their own company as well as from the other driver.

A person must keep in mind that if the accident was their fault, their insurance rates will go up. However, each company has their own rules based on the policy a person initially agreed on.  In most cases, a person will not have their insurance premium increase unless they were at last 20% at fault for the accident.

Not only can a person have their medical bills and property damage covered through insurance, but they can also have their lost wages- that were lost due to the time they took off to recover from the accident- covered by the auto insurer as well.

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