According to AJC, fatal wrecks involving pedestrians have gone up by 16% in Georgia so far this year. The source highlighted that 111 pedestrians have already lost their lives since the beginning of 2018 on GA state roads. Last year, 260 pedestrians were struck and killed across the state. The Insurance Information Institute shared some common factors from pedestrian-related accidents that occurred across the nation which included:

  • Fatal pedestrian accidents happen most often in urban or suburban areas.
  • They occur outside of intersections.
  • They generally happen on arterial roads.
  • These crashes are likely to involve an SUV or a high-horsepower vehicle and in the dark.

But pedestrian crashes aren’t the only types of accidents that seem to be increasing in number within the state of Georgia. AAA published a study recently that “found that injury crashes are often more serious because the drivers responsible fail to stop and offer aid,” which is against the law to do in GA. AJC pointed out that in 2016, “Georgia ranked fourth in the U.S. for most fatal hit-and-run crashes.”
Hit-and-run crashes resulted in the death 2,049 people in the U.S. in 2016 alone, 72 of which occurred in Georgia. Some of the reasons why drivers choose to flee rather than remain on the scene include:

  1. The driver is fearful that they may go to jail.
  2. Those who already have a criminal record fear their penalties will heighten in severity.
  3. In the state of Georgia, when a driver is convicted of hit-and-run for causing a fatal accident, they could face up to five years in jail, which many don’t want to have to serve.

While the state of GA continues with its efforts to reduce the number of accidents that are occurring as it recently enacted a new law that prohibits drivers from holding their cell phone in their hands, more needs to be done. Both drivers and pedestrians need to take measures into their own hands and implement safety tips that can save their lives.
Below are a few safety tips AJC provided for both drivers as well as pedestrians:
As a driver:

  1. Be aware: Pedestrians sometimes are unpredictable and will walk into the path of travel at any point.
  2. Be cautious: When driving in areas such as school zones, playgrounds, bus stops and intersections, be cautious of the children that might enter the roadway or those that are smaller and harder to see.
  3. Be patient: Always leave plenty of space when passing a pedestrian or cyclists.
  4. Be vigilant: As a driver, you should always yield to pedestrians, even if they choose to cross the street at a place other than a designated crosswalk.
  5. Be helpful. If you happen to engage in an accident in Brunswick or any other city in GA, help those who are injured if possible and call 911.

As a pedestrian:

  1. Remember it is best to walk on a sidewalk or path when one is available, but you should avoid walking on an interstate at all costs.
  2. In the event there is no sidewalk or path available, walk on the shoulder, in the direction of traffic.
  3. Remain attentive alert and don’t allow yourself to get distracted by your phone.
  4. Remain cautious during the nighttime as well as in the day when sharing the road with vehicles.
  5. Don’t assume a driver sees you. When a driver approaches you when you are crossing the street or waiting to cross, be sure to make eye contact with them.

Despite you implementing these safety tips, accidents are still going to occur. Therefore, if you are a driver or pedestrian who has sustained serious injuries that have led you to incur costly medical bills and having to spend time away from work, contact a Brunswick, GA accident lawyer who will fight for the compensation you are due. At, we connect accident victims with top performing accident attorneys in Brunswick and other cities so contact us today and we will be glad to help you too.

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