An accident involving a pedestrian and one vehicle resulted in a fatality in Sumter, County, South Carolina. 

Man dies from suspected hit and run accident

When authorities responded to the scene, they found the body of a deceased 36 year old male pedestrian in the area of Rimini on Camp McBoykin Road. Police suspect that the victim died as a result of injuries sustained during a hit and run accident, and that the one vehicle involved fled the scene immediately. The driver still remained at large at the time of the news report. Law enforcement identified his next of kin shortly after the body was identified.  

The autopsy of the victim was scheduled to be performed at Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. Both the state highway patrol and Sumter County Coroner’s office planned to conduct a more thorough investigation in the coming days. 

Following the proper procedure after an accident

When a car collision involves a hit and run driver or other possible unknown elements, it is important to contact your insurance provider and local law enforcement as soon as possible. This can be a way of starting a formal investigation and creating a record of the incident that may be used as evidence in court. 

After a lawyer has collected enough information, they can file a pleading in the civil court. This is essentially a complaint that formally brings the lawsuit against the named defendants and gives a brief statement of facts surrounding the case. It will also give an amount of damages meant to compensate the victim for their injuries. The defense will be given a certain number of days to respond to the allegations in the complaint and either concede each of the points or deny them. 

Sharing information and concluding the lawsuit

As the case progresses, the attorneys for both the plaintiff and defense will share information in the discovery process. Depending on the complexity of the case, getting all of the relevant information requests fulfilled can take anywhere from weeks to years. Based on these documents and other pieces of information, the lawyers may decide to come to a settlement agreement if it seems obvious that one side would win at trial. If the parties cannot come to an agreement, both sides will set a trial date in the local court at a hearing and be given the opportunity to present evidence and make arguments to the jury. The members of the jury make the final decision regarding whether the defendant is responsible and the amount of damages they should pay. 

Learn more about the process of bringing a civil case

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