A pedestrian was seriously injured after she was hit by a car at a crosswalk on Rockville Street. As reported by patch.com, the car accident occurred close to Twinbrook Metro Station.

Investigators confirmed that the victim was at a crosswalk and was crossing east of Chapman Avenue when she was struck by a 2013 Toyota Corolla. She has been identified as 63 year old Esther Erestain Contreras of Prince George’s County. The driver of the Toyota, 57 year old Katharine Cowgill Minker, was not injured in the car accident.

Contreras was rushed to hospital and is said to have been inflicted with life-threatening injuries. Crash investigators are in the process of determining the exact cause of the crash. Meanwhile, leading accident lawyers in Rockville, MD reiterate that evidence from the investigation report along with witness statements, if any, can play a major role in establishing liability and other legal issues.
Suspected Drunk Driver Strikes to Maryland Trooper Patrol Cars
That Maryland State Troopers have a risky job controlling traffic is probably an understatement. According to NBC, as many as 37 troopers and 20 unoccupied patrol cars have been struck by other vehicles this year. The latest statistic involves two patrol cars that were hit by a third vehicle driven by 75-year-old Ruth A. Runyan. The driver is alleged to have been driving under the influence when she ploughed into the first patrol car which in turn struck the second police vehicle.
Maryland State Police troopers Thomas Davis and Matthew Milch had parked their patrol cars and were diverting traffic at an auto accident site on Route 71 in Charles County when Runyan’s vehicle struck the first car.
As per police reports, she refused to submit to sobriety tests, which Maryland accident attorneys say will only result in her driving privileges being automatically suspended for up to 1 year under the state’s implied consent law. Runyan was arrested and transported to jail. She had been charged with DUI and several other charges.

The two state troopers were not injured in the car accident that occurred just before 7 pm on a busy highway with drivers heading home from work. However, the troopers had more in store for them. A tow truck driver, 28-year-old Kimberly Wade, who turned up at the scene of the crash was also found to be driving under the influence. She was also charged and has been stripped of her driving privileges.
Not smart Wade!
In an unrelated incident, Corporal Shaun Carberry of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office was injured when he attempted to push another person out of harm’s way as he was about to be struck by a drunk driver. 21-year-old Michael Mattingly has also been charged with driving under the influence after his vehicle struck Carberry who was seriously injured and had to be rushed to hospital.
Maryland State Troopers point out that the irony of it all is that drunk drivers tend to never admit that they are impaired. No worries, the evidence points against them!
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