Pedestrian is hit by train in south Austin in early morning hours


Austin, TX – There are various kinds of transportation accidents that happen all over Texas. Commercial vehicles and trains are some of the most dangerous while in operation, and pedestrians can be seriously hurt or killed by these large vehicles. If an injury or fatality happens, the victim or their family has the ability to try to receive compensation for their losses through the civil court system with the help of their lawyer. 

KXAN reported on a pedestrian accident in the south Austin area on a Monday morning [1]. 

Train collides with pedestrian during morning commute

At approximately 5:30 am, a collision involving a train and a pedestrian was reported in the area of tracks on West Mary Street and South Seventh Street. This was in the Zilker neighborhood. When first arriving at the scene, first responders did not immediately find the pedestrian, and they searched the area unsuccessfully with a thermal imaging drone as well. By 7 am, Travis County EMS was given an all clear notification to leave the scene. The Austin Police also left the area by 8:25 am. The train began to operate again and moved out of the area around the same time police left. No other injuries were reported, but there were significant traffic delays in the area while there was a police and EMS presence. 

Lawsuits against vehicle operators

Pedestrians who are hit by various types of commercial vehicles can potentially sue the company responsible for the accident. As a general principle of tort law, employers are responsible and liable for the actions of their workers who operate vehicles and machinery such as trains, cars, and trucks. Negligence cases argue that a defendant is financially responsible for any damage caused by their lack of care. 

Injury cases and compensation

Injury lawsuits are an important way for victims to deal with the extensive costs of a motor vehicle collision. Medical expenses can be difficult to afford without financial assistance. The victim can also ask for compensation based on other losses such as a lack of income while recovering and their pain and suffering. Plaintiffs should work with an attorney to obtain evidence that will help prove their losses and assist in the process to negotiate a successful settlement. 

Accident lawyers are available in Austin Texas

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