Pedestrian killed near North Charleston intersection

North Charleston, SC – Pedestrians who are near the roads are always vulnerable to injuries and fatalities if there is an accident. These kinds of traffic incidents are a fairly common cause of death in South Carolina and other states. If an injury or fatality follows an accident, the victim or their family can look into filing a personal injury lawsuit to try to recover their losses. Depending on the facts surrounding the accident and the severity of the injuries, there may be a substantial amount of compensation available. An attorney can provide additional advice regarding the potential value of any lawsuit and the chances of success. 

Police were trying to gather information about a motor vehicle incident that happened on Dorchester Road near the Lambs Road intersection in North Charleston [1].

Fatal pedestrian accident in North Charleston

Details were limited, but the crash apparently involved a pedestrian and one other vehicle and it happened at approximately 7:30 pm on a Wednesday night. The pedestrian died at some point later that night from their injuries. No name or other identifying details about the victim were released when the news report was published.  

Who is responsible for hitting a pedestrian?

When a driver is sued in a personal injury lawsuit, the plaintiff will need to present some kind of evidence of negligence. This means that the driver engaged in various actions that are considered a deviation from what reasonable drivers in the same situation would have done. Things like excessive speed, intoxicated driving, reckless driving, and other traffic violations such as illegal turns may be considered as evidence of negligence. 

Modified comparative negligence

Negligence lawsuits in South Carolina are made slightly more complex by the fact that the state uses a system of modified comparative negligence. Under this system, negligence is divided between all parties to equal one hundred percent, and a person who is partially at fault can still bring a lawsuit and collect a reduced amount of damages if they are successful. However, once their level of negligence reaches more than fifty percent, they cannot collect any compensation at all. Damages in these kinds of cases tend to include medical treatment costs, lost wages and income, and pain and suffering caused by the incident.  Compensation tends to be greater in serious accident cases.

Accident attorneys in South Carolina

The Clekis Law Firm is a respected personal injury practice that works in the North Charleston area. They can provide advice about the process to receive compensation through a lawsuit. 

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