With so many drivers out on the roads today, it is no wonder there are so many laws motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists are required to abide by to keep the streets safe. When everyone does their part by complying with all these requirements, there is a less chance of an accident occurring. However, when they don’t, the risk of one increases. And because of all the pedestrian incidents that have been occurring in Greenville, NC, police are now going to implement a new plan that holds them just as accountable as driver’s.
What Laws are Pedestrians Required to Follow?

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Pedestrians in Greenville could soon be subjected to a $20 fine if caught jaywalking.

Currently, there are a few things pedestrians are going to want to do to avoid making any sort of contact with a vehicle. Based on data provided by the Division of Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation at NC State University, here are some of the laws pedestrians must currently follow.

  • Pedestrians are expected to use assigned crosswalks where vehicles are required to allow them to pass.

If you were injured in an accident where a vehicle didn’t stop as you crossed the street, the Greenville accident lawyers at the Churdar Law Firm suggest you contact them to find out how you can file a personal injury claim.

  • If a pedestrian-control signal is in place, pedestrians should only walk when the signal reads “WALK.” When the signal reads “DON’T WALK,” they must also comply and wait until the signal permits them to walk.
  • If a pedestrian is crossing the road at any point other than at a designated crosswalk, then they must yield the right-of-way to the vehicles passing by.
  • If a pedestrian is walking on a crosswalk or an un-marked crosswalk, the vehicle’s approaching must yield the right-of-way to the pedestrian while crossing.

What Efforts are Being Made to Protect Pedestrians?
As you can see, there is already a layout of laws that promote safety that keep drivers from taking advantage of those crossing the street. But, not always are the drivers the ones who are guilty of causing an accident. If a pedestrian is crossing at an area in the road other than the designated crosswalks, they may now be faced with a penalty for doing so. We often don’t realize that many of the consequences that are written in the laws are to prevent us from engaging in an act, not encourage us to take part in it.
In 2016, more than 60 pedestrian accidents occurred according to wnct.com, and now, the Greenville Police Department are working to hold those accountable when they aren’t following the guidelines set forth in the laws. While it may be more convenient for someone to cross the road where they feel is more convenient for them, if a person is caught jaywalking, they may be required to pay a $20 fine. Therefore, you can avoid getting into an accident and receiving a penalty just by crossing at the designated places assigned for pedestrians.
Injured in an accident?
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