According to the law, if a vehicle is rear-ended, it is usually the car that hit from behind that is held responsible for the collision. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, if it can be proven that the driver who was hit had been very distracted, or they had reversed their vehicle then they will be held accountable instead.

Another case in which the driver is usually held responsible if when the driver is making a left turn. When a driver makes a left turn, they are expected to yield to vehicles in their path. However, once again, every situation is different, and a proper investigation will be required to determine who was at fault.

An accident attorney can help a person investigate the collision and gather evidence to prove that the accident was not entirely their fault. Each case differs based on the conditions that lead up to the collision, and a lawyer can inform a person of whether they are entitled to receiving compensation, and how much compensation they are entitled to.

A person will often face injuries and mental trauma after getting into a serious accident. The last thing they should have to worry about is the legal process that comes afterward. Many legal details can easily be overlooked when a person is in such a state of mind and health and an attorney is the perfect professional to reach out to for assistance.

What happens if there are multiple parties responsible for the accident?

After speaking with an attorney, they will help a person investigate the case and if it appears that more than one driver was at least partially responsible for causing the accident, they will be partially responsible for covering the damages. In Florida, the pure comparative negligence standard is followed so drivers will be given damages based on how much of the accident was their fault.

The exact percentage of fault a driver is given will be decided by the court and the insurance adjuster. It is a wise idea to have an attorney correspond with the insurer and take care of all the legal paperwork, so a person stands a better chance at recovering more compensation.

Florida also follows no-fault law. This means that in almost all accident cases, the driver must seek reimbursement for their accident from their insurer and not from the other driver’s insurance company. It is for this reason that Florida has made it mandatory for all drivers to carry enough insurance to cover basic injuries.

It is vital to negotiate the insurance settlement properly and a lawyer can help a person with this negotiating until a reasonable amount of compensation is offered.