Accidents Involving City Workers
Police officers, firefighters, and city employees all spend a great deal of time out on the roadways handling crime, putting out fires, and ensuring city regulations are being met. Just as easy as it is for you to engage in an accident with a civilian, it is also easy to get involved in accident with a city worker. The difference between these two types of accidents, however, is how the claims process is handled. Because you were involved in an accident with someone who is employed by the city, you may have additional requirements that must be met before any compensation is awarded for your accident.
While there are numerous types of city workers occupying our roads, for the sake of this article, we are going to focus on accidents involving police officers.

Do I file an accident claim through my insurance company after getting into an accident with a police officer?

Police officers are the ones who are called to a car accident to investigate, identify what caused it, and to secure the scene. But what happens when they cause an accident or are involved in one with you? Are you going to be arrested, jailed, or fined?
Well, it all depends on why the accident occurred. If you were driving while under the influence, then yes, you will be arrested and taken into police custody. However, if the officer is responsible for running into you, then the first thing you are going to want to do is enlist the help of one of our accident lawyers in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Because the officer may be hesitant to take the blame for the accident, you need to be sure you have someone who is capable of obtaining evidence that understands the law working on your side.

You should also contact your insurance carrier.

After engaging in an accident, you should contact your insurance agent and report the collision. Because it was an officer who was involved in the collision with you, their police department will already be notified of the accident and report will need to be written up. One thing you want to avoid from happening, however, is having the officer include false information or make allegation that point to you causing the crash.
Again, this is why you do want to hire a local Allentown, Pennsylvania accident attorney as they will be able to voice their concerns if the police report is false or if the officer is trying to pin the blame on you.
Aside from standing up for you, your accident lawyer in Allentown can supply you with helpful advice in terms of how to collect compensation for your property damage and/or injuries, whether it be through your own insurance company or through the department’s insurance carrier.
To get started on finding an accident and injury attorney in your area, give us call here at and our agents will assist you along the way.