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Injuries occur in a daycare when the center fails to meet the duty of care that is necessary to protect a child. Children can begin attending daycare as little as a few weeks old all the way up until they reach the age to attend VPK. Every child who attends a daycare is expected to be cared for, provided with the essentials they need to get through the day, and kept out of harm’s way. And although daycare centers are licensed and inspected by the state of Pennsylvania to ensure the environment is clear and hazard free, mishaps do arise where a child sustains an injury. Some common types of daycare injuries transpire because of:
• Poisoning
• A fall
• Counselor abuse
• Lack of supervision
• The child is struck by a vehicle
• They fell down stairs
• Choked on food
• Electrocution
• Defective toys
• Neglect on a field trip
Many of the injuries that occur in a daycare facility are a result of an educator or caretaker who isn’t fulfilling their job duties and becomes reckless or inattentive.
If your toddler or newborn was harmed while under the care and supervision of a daycare center, please give us a call and we will find you the most dependable accident attorneys in Philadelphia who can assist with this unfortunate accident. It is important that any parent who is currently dealing with such circumstances consults with one of our experienced Philadelphia accident lawyers immediately in order to become informed on the compensation your family is entitled to receive.
Is a Daycare Facility in Philadelphia Responsible for Your Child’s Injuries?
A daycare center relies on its reputation and when it is being jeopardized by a parent who is claiming the facility or workers were negligent, they are going to fight back in full force to ensure their line of work isn’t put at risk. Therefore, to assure you have the support and proof you need to get your lawsuit filed, allow one of our recommended Philadelphia accident attorneys handle your case.
What Other Types of Accidents Can a Lawyer Help Me With?
While our accident attorneys in Philadelphia, PA can assist families looking to file a lawsuit against a careless daycare worker or facility, they can also supply their services to those who have been involved any type of accident including a slip and fall, construction accident, medical error, and many others.
Highly Ranked Daycare Centers in Philadelphia
Your child’s wellbeing is what is most important when selecting a daycare. If you looking to find one with rave reviews and ratings, Yelp has identified the top 10 in the city of Philadelphia. Some are provided below for you to check out for yourself.
1. Busy Bee Learning Center
601 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Phone number (215) 733-9271
2. Christian Street Branch YMCA
1724 Christian St.
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Phone number (215) 735-5800
3. Apple Blossom Learning Tree Day School
1601 Lombard St.
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Phone number (215) 545-5152
4. Little Angels
615 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Phone number (215) 923-6207
5. Alphabet Academy
1506-1508 E Passyunk Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Phone number (215) 271-9911
Remember, your child may not have been given the care and consideration they deserve which is why you are highly encouraged to contact us today in order to connect with a local Philadelphia, PA lawyer nearby to you.

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