After being involved in an accident, whether it occurred while driving down the road or sometime while at work, you may have found that the injuries you suffered from are requiring more from you than expected. Car and truck accidents, construction incidents, and even hospital errors are all forms of accidents that occur on a frequent basis but many victims fail to receive the compensation they deserve for their damages.
It is important that anyone who has become injured in an accident seek the necessary compensation they are rightfully due. Compensation for accident victims can help cover the following expenses:

  • Medical bills
  • Medications
  • Physical therapy visits
  • Time away from work
  • Repair bills
  • Future medical expenses- and more.

The state of Pennsylvania follows the comparative negligence law which means if you were harmed in an incident in Pittsburgh but were partially responsible for causing the accident, that percentage will reduce what you are entitled to be paid out. If you are guilty of more than 50% of the accident, you may not be permitted to collect anything. But, our injury lawyers in Pittsburgh can explain this along with many other details that might arise with an accident claim.

What if I suffered from a permanent injury caused from an accident?

Sometimes, accidents result in injuries that can only be temporarily mended. This means you might be suffering with the symptoms of your injury for the rest of your life. But, who is to pay for this? If the accident you were involved in was caused out of negligence, the individual or entity responsible for causing it should be held accountable in some way for any current and future medical expenses.
This is why you are encouraged to make every attempt possible to collect what you are entitled to receive. The best way to become more informed on this is to consult with one of our highly recommended Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania accident attorneys. They are skilled in the field of accident law and can help you become more aware of what types of compensation your accident permits you to fight for.

What Can Our Pittsburgh Accident Lawyers Do for You?

  • As mentioned, our featured attorneys will review with you what compensation you are entitled to and an estimate of what your accident might be worth.
  • An accident attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania can use the facts from your accident and apply the applicable laws. This would help determine what your statute of limitations would be as it could vary.
  • They can assist you if the insurance company required to pay isn’t complying.
  • Accident lawyers in Pittsburgh will help you throughout the negotiation process if you are wishing to obtain more compensation than they have offered.

Should you want to learn more about Pittsburgh’s statute of limitations for filing a car accident claim or any other pertinent information, we highly recommend you speak with one of our licensed personal injury lawyers now.
Understanding your rights as an accident victim as well as someone who might have caused an accident is vital and we want to help you connect with a professional who can provide you with the clarification you need right now.