Documenting the damage your vehicle sustained after engaging in an accident in Reading, PA can be crucial information for when it comes time to file an insurance claim and if your case is taken to court. Unfortunately, knowing exactly what to document isn’t something you might know as this could be your first accident. Therefore, we are going to address the following question with the hope that it might help you as you try and determine what it is you will need to do to ensure you have recorded all the pertinent information from this traumatic accident that just occurred:

 What is the best way to document my vehicle damage?


  1. Write down notes. Some important things to write down following an accident include:
  • Where you were and the time of the accident?
  • Who was driving the other vehicle who hit you or that you hit?
  • What were you doing at the time the auto accident transpired?
  • The speed you were driving and what you think the other motorist may have been traveling at.
  • Reasons why you think the accident occurred.
  • Witness names, phone numbers, and even a brief statement from them.
  • Insurance information from the other driver as well as any parties involved.
  • Contact information from any other parties involved. Be sure to ask whether the driver of the vehicle involved owns the car or if it belongs to a friend or family member. If so, be sure to record that individual’s name as well.

The reason you need to record these tiny details is that they might play a much larger role in your case later on. Whether you are simply trying to collect benefits from your insurance company or your case escalates to court, these details may help investigators and Reading, PA accident attorneys put the pieces together and help form the accident scene itself.
If you haven’t yet spoken with an accident lawyer in your city to discuss your car accident, you may want to consider contacting us as we have the ability to connect you with some of the top accident lawyers in the city of Reading, Pennsylvania. Sometimes, accident claims can become much more complex matters to deal with or the insurance company simply isn’t willing to pay you what your damages are actually worth. But, when you have enlisted the help of one of our attorneys, they will be there to address the issue should it arise.
Other ways to document damage after an accident.
With cell phones being as reliable as they are these days, using the camera they offer can definitely help bring the accident scene to life for the insurance company as well as your accident attorney. Be sure to snap photos of the surrounding area where the accident occurred, the damage done to your vehicle and that of the other party, your injuries, and anything else you think would play a role in your case.
The reason you need to document as much as possible is that some accident claims take weeks or even months before a settlement is reached. In that amount of time, you could forget the smallest details that could make the difference in how much you receive for your damage. Rather be safe than sorry, document everything.
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