Yuma, AZPersonal injury law is a broad term that encompasses many areas of tort law and various other kinds of cases where victims look for compensation for their losses. As a practical matter, most personal injury lawyers in Arizona and the United States handle motor vehicle accident cases regularly. It is much more common that an injured person sustained their losses due to a car crash than most other types of accidents. 

Lawsuits versus insurance claims

Personal injury lawyers meet with potential clients and handle various other matters if they agree on representation. As a general matter, all victims should formally report the accident and follow through with their insurance process to get help. In some cases where the victim is severely hurt or misses work for an extended period of time, the insurance process will not pay an accident victim a sufficient amount. Lawsuits become necessary in most cases where the combined losses are too large to be covered by an insurance policy. Most standard auto policies have limits in the tens of thousands of dollars. The potential damages received from a personal injury case can get much larger depending on a number of different factors. 

The consultation

The beginning of representation will start with a meeting or a consultation between the potential client and the lawyer. This is where the victim can give a basic outline regarding what happened during the collision and their personal losses. The lawyer will give some kind of rundown of their services and explain how their case will potentially progress if they agree on representation. The lawyer may also be able to estimate the potential value of the lawsuit from a financial standpoint based on the client’s losses.  

Procedural aspects of injury cases

After the two parties agree on representation, the lawyer will need to identify the defendants responsible for the losses and injuries. Then, a formal complaint can be drafted that explains what happened, a legal argument to meet the elements of negligence based on the facts, and a statement of monetary losses. The defendant will have a change to respond and contest the allegations in this complaint. The discovery process begins shortly after these documents are exchanged, which means that both sides must share all of the information relevant to the accident. Meetings between clients and their lawyers and certain other pieces of information are privileged and do not need to be shared. 

Meeting with local accident attorneys

Accident victims in the Yuma area have the option of speaking with a lawyer about their injuries and financial losses. Schneider and Onofry have various kinds of accident lawsuits in the Yuma area. 

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