Baton Rouge, LAAccidents can vary greatly in severity from causing minor property damage, to serious injuries and even fatalities. The response to the collision by the victim and their attorney should also vary based on these factors. If there are any doubts, people involved in the accident can contact both their insurance company and retain legal counsel to attempt to produce the best result. 

Minor accidents with only property damage

In situations where there is only vehicle damage, the insurance process is usually sufficient to give the drivers involved claim money to pay for repairs. In very minor accidents, the damage costs may be lower than the driver’s deductible, so they can end up paying for these expenses on their own. It may still be helpful to get an examination by a doctor, as things like back pain and neck problems may not be apparent immediately after a collision. 

Moderate damage

There are some accidents where injuries and property damage is apparent. Victims may only require short term medical treatment, and then be released to return to work or their normal lives. Depending on the specific costs associated with the collision, the insurance process may be insufficient to cover these losses. Many standard auto insurance policies only cover tens of thousands of dollars worth of losses, which may be insufficient for treatment due to high costs of healthcare. A lawyer who deals with accidents and injury law should be contacted if the victims need assistance with paying for their losses and their insurance coverage is not enough. 

Severe collisions

The most severe automobile collisions result in permanent or long term injuries to the people involved, and possibly even fatalities. Victims in these situations should contact a lawyer and file a personal injury case for negligence against the driver or business responsible. If someone has passed away, certain family members can also file a wrongful death case on their behalf which works in a similar way.  

Monetary amounts available to victims

As a general rule, a lawsuit related to these kinds of accidents will be able to pay more to the victim as their losses increase. The attorney for the victim can argue for economic damages that are relative to their losses that can be shown through things like medical bills, lost wages and income, and property repairs. 

Talking with a lawyer to get more information

Accident victims in the Baton Rouge area can talk to a licensed attorney to get more information about lawsuits and other solutions to their problems. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is an experienced local firm that deals with all aspects of personal injury law. 

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