Personal Injury Claims in the USA

[fusion_text]In the United States of America, there is approximately one new lawsuit born every two seconds throughout the country. This is a huge amount of lawsuits to be handled, however this can be the consequence of living in an overly litigious society in the modern day in age. Often it can be difficult to define the amount that damage is worth upon a person, compared to property where you compare the market values. Looking at how injuries will affect someone’s quality of life etcetera can be a far more complicated process, leading to fees varying depending on each individual lawsuit. With such a large amount of lawsuits everyday in the United States of America, it can be interesting to see the statistics of the most common personal injury claims.

Road traffic accidents come in at number one as the most common personal injury cases, these traffic accident injury cases can include drives, bicyclists and pedestrians. The main reason for the high amount of these cases is because of the amount of time each of us spend in our cars, as you might expect – the more time you spend in the car the more likely you are to have a road traffic accident. On average there is around about 6,000,000 car accidents per year in the USA, the huge statistics means that a lot of lawsuits come from this particular type of incidents.
Following road traffic incidents, figures show that work related injuries are the second most common personal injury lawsuit in the United States. Despite people being hesitant to report their work related injuries and not doing so due to the fear that they could lose their job, this type of lawsuit still comes as the second most common. So a large amount of work related injuries might go unreported. In 2009, over 3,000,000 non-fatal works related injuries were recorded by the Bureau of Labour. This was accompanied by around about 5,000 fatal work related injuries caused in 2010, high numbers in an economy where the unemployment rates are becoming ever higher.
The third most common personal injury claims actually come from assault claims. Despite assault claims coming under criminal law, they can still account for the third most personal injury claims year in, year out. Despite the public conception that violent crime is slowly declining, it is evident in statistics that there are still a very high number of assaults and assault claims each year. In 2010 alone, there were over 2,000,000 assault claims alone.
In 2007 the National Safety Council has reported that 20,000 Americans suffered fatality caused by slip and fall injuries, a further 7,000,000 Americans suffered from non-fatal injuries in the same year. Obviously a slip or fall can occur anywhere that you are walking around, whether that be a supermarket, swimming pools, at work, or even at your home. In personal injury cases, the client will be represented by lawyers who specialise in cases relating to the negligence of another person.
Finally, the Products liability claims is the fifth most common personal injury claim made in the USA. It is estimated that around about 20,000 products liability claims are filed each and every year. It is obvious that the more products there are being sold, the more likely there are to be faulty products that could end in someone sustaining injuries. This type of claim will cover all types of products, from leisure to medical. Around about 7% of all personal injury cases are products liability claims.
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