An accident attorney representing 20-year old plaintiff, Jordan Nutt, has lodged a legal complaint alleging negligence on the part of Union Pacific Railroad which resulted in the complainant suffering serious injuries, as reported by Grand Forks Herald.

So Nutt did not look both ways when crossing the train tracks?
The crash happened three years ago in June of 2012. Supposedly, Nutt was driving his car and attempted to cross the railroad crossing when he noticed a freight train travelling in an easterly direction and stopped to allow it to pass. Once the train had gone by, Nutt put his foot on the gas and began to drive across the railroad crossing, at this time. However, another train heading west ploughed into his vehicle.
You should look both ways when about to cross any train tracks
The lawsuit claims that the second train was driving over the laid down speed limits and did not slow down near the crossing even though it was a regulation to do so. The lawsuit also outlines the extent of injuries sustained by Nutt who was in a coma for several months in 2012 following the injury. When he came out of coma, half his body was paralyzed, which medical reports suggest is permanent.
Some people believe Nutt was careless.
It does not matter though what it seems like. Even if it seems like it could have been your fault, it could be other party’s fault. Talk to an attorney on the site to find out the truth about the law. You may just have the law on your side.
Man And Woman Having Argument After Traffic Accident
All-terrain vehicle crash kills 12-year old boy in Wisconsin, injures another minor
An accident that occurred in central Wisconsin has resulted in the death of 12-year old boy and has injured his 11-year old sister. According to investigators, the 12-year old was operating an all-terrain vehicle and his sister was riding pillion when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed it.
The accident occurred in Sharon. reports that emergency medical technicians rushed to the scene and found a nurse attempting to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and bring the boy back to life. Her efforts were in vain and the EMT’s pronounced him dead after an examination of his vital signs. His sister is said to have sustained moderate injuries and was airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment.
Auto accident legislation in Milwaukee
It is without doubt that anyone involved in a car accident or any type of auto accident will be shaken pretty badly following the crash. However, from a legal standpoint, this time is very crucial and it is vital that the victim consults an experienced Wisconsin accident attorney and one of them can be reached right here: In fact, Aaron Rodgers is a supporter of this law firm! No, he will not toss you some passes!
Milwaukee auto accident law has a statute of limitations where a personal injury lawsuit must be filed within a specific time period or else it will be dismissed.
Even though it is illegal to drive without being insured, in some cases, people are shocked to learn that the other party was not insured or under insured. This makes receiving compensation even harder. However, an experienced and qualified Milwaukee accident attorney will know exactly how to handle this kind of a situation and the Gruber Law Offices ( are exactly that.
The same applies to drunken and impaired drivers. It is technically against the law but the fact is that it is very prevalent. If you or someone you know have been affected by the lapse in judgment of a drunken driver or the negligence of a distracted (texting, using cell phone) driver, an attorney will be able to fight your case and get you the maximum benefits.

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