SAN DIEGO, California. When it comes to battling with your insurance company to get the recovery you may deserve, the insurance company often has the advantage. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you may have to miss time at work, pay expensive medical bills, or cover rehabilitation expenses. When insurance adjusters only offer you a portion of the recovery you believe you may deserve based on your policy, you have a choice: contact a personal injury lawyer or settle for less. While personal injury lawyers like  Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates in San Diego

, can fight for your rights and may be able to get you the settlement you may deserve, the process can take months or years, in some cases. These are months and years where medical bills aren’t paid, lost wages may not be covered, or damages may not be paid for. Yet, according to CBS News, legal funders may be able to tip the balance back in favor of injured individuals fighting for their rights. But do they, really?
Insurance companies may have teams of lawyers working on their side, and may have access to experts. Furthermore, they don’t have the pressure of unpaid bills on their shoulders that may encourage them to settle the case. Yet, more injured individuals are using legal funders to help them cover the financial gap between accident and court dates. Members of the Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding offer victims money up front to pay for their bills while they fight their case. In return, individuals agree to offer up a portion of the settlement to the company.
Yet, the amount of money offered up front is seldom much, and some claim that the interest rates these companies charge is so high that they violate some states usury laws. Families should be careful before they make the decision to use legal funders.
It can be tempting if a legal funder is offering a large sum—which is rare. Do you have a lawyer willing to take on your case? Is your case a strong one? In general, if you can pay your bills on your own, without a legal funder, it may be wise to do so, and save you money in the long run. Legal ethics and conflict of interest concerns may also prevent your lawyer from advising you regarding the use of a specific legal funder.
Yet, with more insurance companies hiring consultants to lower payouts and with adjusters using computer programs which may use statistics rather than actual damages to determine a client’s loss, individuals may sometimes be wise to speak to a car accident lawyer who can fight for their rights and for a larger settlement. At the end of the day, it is important to understand your rights and your insurance policy. If you believe you may not be receiving the settlement you may deserve, visit to learn more.

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