An air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin did not go as planned after a single engine Piper Malibu crashed while on final approach to land and caused substantial injuries to five people. The air show is an annual event widely regarded as one of the biggest airshows in the world. The seven day event attracts massive crowds adding up to nearly 500,000 people and boasts of as many as 10,000 aircraft.

Airplanes or not, an accident is an accident. There are Wisconsin accident attorneys on the site that handle everything from boat to bike accidents, it does not matter. If someone is at fault, someone should pay. David Gruber is the person to see in this matter.
As reported by CNN, no one on the ground was hurt as a result of the crash. All five persons that were injured were all occupants of the low-wing, dihedral winged Piper Malibu. The crash happened at Wittman Regional Airport and forced authorities to shut down the premises for two hours afterwards.
The NTSB is still investigating the crash. The injured persons have been identified and are said to be in stable condition. In fact four of the five persons were able to walk away on their own from the debris of the crash while one person had to be freed by rescue workers.
Team of Emergency Medical Services workers providing first aid at the scene of a car crash
Truck transporting bees crashes, one person killed
Bee’s swarmed the accident site and even stung several rescue workers, law enforcement officers, and pedestrians nearby after a truck filled with bees rolled over and crashed on Interstate 90 near Wisconsin Dells on Saturday night. The accident was the result of a seemingly out of control car that crashed into the truck, which toppled onto its side. If you are a victim of someone driving out of control, click right here to find David Gruber.
No one should be allowed to drive carelessly and recklessly. reports indicate that the man driving the car, a 63 year old, was pronounced dead on the scene and another 30 year old woman has sustained life threatening injuries and was rushed to a medical facility according to Wisconsin accident attorneys (one of the best being David Gruber). According to police, the driver of the bee truck is in stable condition and escaped with minor injuries.
This is not good since there are a shortage of bees in America.
Injured woman who was found unconscious in Milwaukee Park has been identified
According to, two pedestrians that were passing by reported a woman injured and unresponsive at Milwaukee Park on Monday morning. Authorities have now confirmed that they have identified the 64 year old woman and her relatives have been contacted. Investigators have gathered that she was out on a bicycle ride in Veterans Park when she was assaulted. The woman did not have her wallet, ID, or phone on her person when officers found her. Investigations are still on-going.
Hopefully this criminal is caught. Many people believe they wish she had a weapon on her so she could have defended herself better.
Personal injury and auto accident laws in Wisconsin
Wisconsin state law establishes a statute of limitations when it comes to personal injury or accident claims. The statute of limitations basically dictates that a lawsuit must be filed within three years from the date on which the incident/accident occurred, failing which the claim will be dismissed.
Wisconsin also falls under the “Shared Fault” states in the nation. This basically means that all parties involved in an accident are held financial accountable for damages depending on the extent of their involvement\fault in the accident itself.
There are numerous laws governing accidents and personal injury claims in Wisconsin. Therefore it would be wise to appoint a qualified and experienced Wisconsin accident attorney who can be reached right here if you have been affected by someone else’s negligence or recklessness.

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