A young driver was arrested for causing a fatal accident where a 3 year old boy died in Glendale, Arizona. This happened a few miles northwest of the Phoenix city limits. 

Teenage suspect is arrested after his Jeep runs over a child

The hit and run accident had happened about a week before the arrest was made. Police believe that the suspect was driving on the wrong side of the road on 70th Ave going towards Villa Theresa Drive that afternoon. A family of four was riding bicycles on the same road in a line, but police believe that they were obeying all traffic laws at the time. The suspect’s white Jeep ran over a trailer being pulled by one of the family’s bicycles, which contained a three year old boy. The child’s mother was also knocked off of her bike during this incident, but she did not sustain any serious injuries. The suspect drove off of the road and left the scene into a residential area through a lawn after the crash.

Witnesses who lived nearby began to attend to the young victim until emergency personnel could arrive. Workers at the scene attempted to administer CPR to the child until he was transported to the hospital. He was confirmed dead a short time after arrival by hospital staff. The mother was able to be treated at the scene for minor injuries. 

Police found the suspect’s Jeep parked just a few blocks away in the neighborhood. The suspect explained that his vehicle drifted too far off of the side of the road, and he quickly jerked the wheel back into the traffic lane, but said that he did not feel any impact. Law enforcement was not able to confirm his version of the story. 

Detectives reviewed the evidence from the scene and a video of the incident. They felt that they had probable cause to make an arrest based on the information that was available. The suspect was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and vehicular manslaughter. 

Civil cases for deadly accidents

In a situation such as this, the parents of the child can bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver responsible. This will force him to pay for things like funeral and burial expenses, medical treatment, and the loss of the child’s future income and earning potential. There are also damages available for the emotional trauma of losing a family member.  

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