There are legal damage caps in some states that limit the amount of compensation a person can claim in a lawsuit after suffering a serious injury. The Constitution of the State of Arizona prevents placing damage caps on wrongful death claims for personal injury claims.

After suffering a personal injury, you are entitled to economic damages, non-economic damages, and possibly punitive damages as well depending on how severe your injuries are and how negligent the guilty party was.  In cases where the guilty individual had an ill intention and deliberately caused harm, punitive damages are often applicable.

For punitive damages, there is no cap in Arizona, but it is expected that punitive damages do not exceed more than 9 times the compensatory damages. The more you suffer after the accident, the more you are entitled to receive at the end of the day. A personal injury lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona can help you file your claim, so you get appropriately compensated to cover all your accumulated bills.

Though there is no cap on punitive damages against private organizations, public organizations are not allowed to be charged with punitive damages at all in personal injury lawsuits.

Comparative fault in Phoenix, Arizona personal injury cases

In Arizona, pure comparative fault is applied in personal injury cases. This means that the amount of compensation you are entitled to receive after facing an injury will be reduced depending on how much of the injury was your own fault. This pure comparative fault law can limit the total amount of compensation you are entitled to receive if the injury was even partially your fault.

Due to this justice system, you need to make sure you have an adequate amount of evidence to prove to the judge and jury that the accident was not your fault. The more evidence you present, the greater your chances are of not having fault attributed to yourself. Even if the jury decides the accident was 10% your fault, you will be limited to receiving only 90% of your total due compensation because that 10% will be lost due to your negligence.

The injuries you suffer after an accident can be very painful and cost you not just medical bills, but also lost wages due to the time you need to recover, and possibly even a loss of earning potential if your injuries are long-term.

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