Pedestrian Struck and Killed Near 17th Street Bridge in Fort Lauderdale

When there is a large size difference in vehicles, the occupants of the smaller car often end up with much more serious injuries and losses. This is especially true when a vehicle collides with a motorcycle, dirt bike, or golf cart. 

Several people were hurt when a car drove into the backside of a golf cart in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Golf car is wrecked and all five people inside are hospitalized

The accident happened at the intersection of Chaparral Road and Miller Road at about 2 am on a Sunday morning. Police believe that the suspect was going northbound on Miller when he continued into the back of a golf cart and rear ended the vehicle. Four female passengers and a male driver were all ejected from the vehicle. When emergency crews arrived they started to treat the victims and arrange for their transportation to a local hospital. While their injuries were serious, all were expected to survive. 

The suspect was not injured, but police arrested him and prosecutors were planning to charge him with aggravated assault and other crimes. Police also believe that the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the crash happened, and the incident will be investigated further.

Several blocks of Miller Road near East Vista Drive had to be closed when police and emergency crews worked to clear the area. 

Criminal charges against a drunk driver versus civil lawsuits for compensation

When an impaired driver collides with another vehicle, they may be charged criminally and served with a civil lawsuit to pay for the victim’s costs related to the accident. Keep in mind that these cases move through separate court systems, and the outcome of one does not affect the other. The decision to file criminal charges is in the hands of the government, while a civil case gives more control to the victim regarding whether they intend to pursue legal action and how much compensation their attorney will ask for. 

This level of compensation in a civil lawsuit is related to things like medical costs, lost wages and income, hospitalization, property damage, emotional pain and suffering, and any other losses that are traced back to the accident. Many cases where the defendant’s fault is obvious will conclude with a settlement agreement where the two parties agree to an amount of compensation that seems fair based on the situation, without having to invest time and legal costs into a trial.

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