Phoenix drivers should obey all stop signs and red lights to avoid accidents

Phoenix, AZ – Because motor vehicle accidents are so common in the United States, each individual state has adopted a number of safety regulations and traffic laws to attempt to minimize the likelihood of a crash and the related problems caused by car accidents. Arizona has traffic laws related to red lights and stop signs that serve this purpose. When a driver goes through an intersection where there is a red light or other traffic control device, they can be hit by traffic oncoming in the opposite direction, which tends to cause serious accidents

Arizona laws regarding red lights and stop signs

The state law says that a driver needs to make a complete stop before they reach the intersection where a solid red light is present. The driver must remain stopped until the signal changes to green. There are some intersections with flashing red lights and stop signs that require the driver to completely stop before the stop line or crosswalk. Right turns are allowed at red lights in Arizona, unless otherwise indicated by additional signage. The driver must come to a complete stop before trying to make the turn. There are some intersections that allow a left turn after stopping at a red light, but this must be a transition from a one way street to another one way street. 

Drivers are technically allowed to go through intersections where there is a solid yellow light, although this is used as a warning that the light is about to change. Some intersections have also implemented red light cameras to catch violators, but these have faced legal challenges. All red light cameras need to be clearly marked with signs that are less than 300 feet away from the light, and a second that is more than 300 feet away from the signal with the camera. 

Accidents and failure to obey red lights

Whenever a driver hits another vehicle after illegally going through a red light or stop sign, there can be serious consequences and injuries. The drivers and passengers involved may require extensive medical treatment, they may not be able to work for extended periods of time, and the vehicles involved can sustain serious damage. 

The evidence of the traffic violation can also become important in an injury lawsuit. Normally, if a police officer issues a ticket at the scene or notes that one of the drivers violated a traffic law, this can be used as proof of negligence and fault for the collision. 

Finding more information about motor vehicle accident lawsuits

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