A motorcyclist died during a crash in Phoenix in the area of Happy Valley Road. 

Woman pulls out of her driveway and collides with a motorcycle

Police responded to the area of 67th Ave and Happy Valley Road in Phoenix to find that a motorcycle and sedan were involved in a motor vehicle accident. The initial investigation showed that the situation began when a vehicle made a left turn out of a private driveway onto Happy Valley Road westbound. During this turn, a motorcycle which was traveling eastbound hit the vehicle that was coming out of the driveway. A sergeant with the Phoenix Police Department said that based on the initial survey of the scene and parties involved, they do not suspect that impairment, speed, or any kind of foul play or criminal activity contributed to the crash.  

A 39 year old male victim on the motorcycle was found unresponsive at the scene. He was pronounced dead a short time later by emergency workers. A 76 year old female driver was in the sedan at the scene, but she did not appear to be injured or require medical treatment. 

Police planned to conduct a full investigation. They did not release the names or identifying details of anyone involved in the crash. 

Motorcycle accidents and the possibility of fatalities

Riding a motorcycle is always much more dangerous than driving a standard size car to the absence of safety features and lighter weight of the vehicle. A cyclist has little or nothing to protect them from impact with the road and other obstacles. Because of these risks, an unfortunate reality of motorcycle collisions is that the victim may die and their family may possibly have to file a wrongful death lawsuit and take other actions. 

Lawsuits related to injuries and death

The area of practice called personal injury law is how most lawyers who deal with car and vehicle accidents spend all of their time. At a basic level, these types of lawsuits allow someone who was hurt to bring a case against the party responsible to pay for their injuries and other losses such as property damage. After an initial meeting with an attorney, they will go over your rights and explain that the value of your case is relative to the total amount of harm and loss that you have had to endure. This means that someone who was seriously hurt will generally have the opportunity to collect more money than someone involved in a minor accident. These losses can be proven through medical records and other documents related to the accident.  

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