A number of neighbors in a Pittsburgh’s Overbrook neighborhood are fed up with motor vehicle accidents that are causing damage to their cars and homes. Residents on Maytide Street told Channel 11 that drivers are often speeding, or driving while drunk through this area.  A resident named Soraya Bey has had four parked cars damaged beyond repair and her home has been damaged twice by erratic drivers, accounting for costs of $20,000 over four years.  Ms. Bey said, “Every time an accident happens in this particular area, they come up on the curb, they hit the pole and they ended up hitting our cars.”  Car insurance is helpful, but it is not enough to keep neighbors from worrying about continued accidents and the possibility of resident injury.  Even though a district representative told neighbors they may be able to put money in the 2020/21 budget for speed bumps, it does not speak to the immediate needs of the neighborhood.  Crashes are occurring all too frequently over the last several weeks. City officials have told Channel 11 they are looking into the neighborhood dangers.

Insurance laws.

The State of Pennsylvania uses both a “no-fault” system and a 3rd party liability system. Under Pennsylvania’s no-fault system, after a car accident, a driver may turn to his or her own insurance company for compensation for injuries up to the personal injury protection, or “PIP”  limit regardless of fault. Drivers also have the right to circumvent Pennsylvania’s no-fault law and proceed directly against the at-fault driver under certain circumstances that result in serious injury. A lawyer specializing in accident claims can be of assistance.

Responsible parties.

When accidents occur with frequency due to dangerous roadways, or busy intersections, a driver may not be the only responsible party, shared responsibility may fall onto a city, or county roadway system, especially if accidents have been reported multiple times without correction.  Speak to an experienced accident attorney about concerns relative to an area with frequent motor vehicle accidents.


Compensation for any loss sustained as a result of a car accident, due to partial, or full negligence of another party, is in a victim’s reach to assist in the payment of any significant medical expenses, loss of wages, funeral expenses, and wrongful death claims caused by car accidents. Damage settlements stemming from car accidents are usually paid out by insurance companies who gave liability coverage to the entity, or person who was negligent and can include medical bills, property replacement, loss of wage compensation, pain and suffering, and in catastrophic cases, wrongful death actions.

Seek legal counsel.

If you have suffered property damage, or injury because of a car crash near Pittsburgh, contact an experienced personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Scanlon & Wojton for assistance.

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