Tragic Rollover Crash Claims the Life of Saydel School District Student in Polk County

POLK COUNTY, Iowa — The tight-knit community of the Saydel School District is grappling with grief after losing one of its own. A tragic rollover crash on Saturday night east of Ankeny claimed the life of Gabe Martin, a junior, who was believed to have been riding in the bed of a pickup truck when it crashed.

A Community in Mourning

High school principal William Crosby shared the devastating news on Facebook, expressing the sorrow and disbelief felt by students, staff, and families. Martin’s sudden loss has left the community heartbroken and in need of support.

Counseling Services Available

Recognizing the profound impact of the tragedy, the school has promptly taken steps to provide individual and group counseling for those affected. Crosby’s post emphasized that the mental well-being of the students and staff is a top priority, and the school is committed to offering all necessary assistance during this difficult time.

Other Students Involved

Crosby also noted in his post that the other students involved in the accident were not physically harmed. The exact circumstances of the crash are still under investigation, and additional information will likely emerge as authorities continue to look into the matter.

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