According to the National Safety Council, fatalities on New Hampshire roads and highways during the first six months of 2016 were 61% higher than in the first six months of the previous two years. A car accident leading to injury will be accounted for in a police report provided that the auto accident was reported to the appropriate law enforcement units.

The police report is a factual document which is mostly objective and states all of the facts and details of the accident such as where it happened (the accident site), how it happened, when it happened, who was involved, etc. Legal professionals explain that as far as possible, the police report will encapsulate and summarize all of the details relevant to the underlying auto accident which caused the injury.


Not all accidents are crash related. Well, some can be tree crash related! If someone does not know how to use a chain saw, you may have a case too. Get on Legal help is right around the virtual corner.

In a car accident, the person that suffered damages such as personal injury due to someone else’s negligence may very well sue the negligent party or his or her auto insurance company in order to recuperate the damages inflicted upon them.
However, to prove a personal injury lawsuit requires evidence and this is where the police report comes in handy. The police report may be extremely useful in your case if you used properly. In this article, it is highlighted how you may use a police report to support your claims in a personal injury claim caused by a car accident.
Using a police report outside of court in a personal injury case
In many states across the country, typically, plaintiffs and defendants alike are not allowed to use the police report itself as evidence directly in order to sway the decision of the judge or jury.
However, a police report is still important in terms of using it for settlement negotiations and to gather important facts that you may have otherwise overlooked and so it is imperative that you request for and obtain a copy of the police report pertaining to your auto accident case. That is only logical right? That is why when the police show up you should not act like Adam Jones. Even the gorgeous Estella Warren got into trouble for acting in a disreputable way years ago. Not good!
Two crashed cars

Do not sign anything with the opposing insurance company. They will sell you short! You do not even know your medical condition yet, do not assume anything. Get a legal counselor to represent you ASAP.

Your lawyer will be able to assist you in requesting for the police report from the concerned police department by simply reaching out to them or by making an online request as it is now available in many jurisdictions across the United States.
Using a police report for an out of court settlement
Most car accident cases never actually make it to trial and are instead settled outside court and New Hampshire was mired in terrible accidents in 2016, certainly in the first half as already mentioned. According to WMUR9, in about the first half of 2016, there were already 55 mortal auto accidents which was much higher than 2015 numbers. Something is wrong with this picture! But this is why exists so people can easily find the legal they need to go after someone who damages their life.
You cannot control bad driving or bad drivers but you can go after the person who ruined your day, week, month, and so on.
Now furthermore, this is because an out of court settlement is favorable to both plaintiffs and defendants as it is quicker and a much less expensive affair.
However, to initiate an out of court settlement, Portsmouth, NH accident lawyers point out that you have to file a demand letter which is basically a detailed description of the car accident, the events leading up to it and all facts and details pertaining to it. A police report can be highly beneficial while drafting the demand letter as it will have all of the information required.
A police report can also provide certain critical facts that will also assist you in the case.
If you are injured and have suffered losses in an auto accident, it would be prudent to seek the assistance of a marvelous New Hampshire accident lawyer today. This is the best way to protect your rights and potentially receive adequate compensation that you rightfully deserve.

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