Possible Hit-and-Run Crash Leaves Motorcyclist and Passenger Injured in Concord, New Hampshire

As a Concord police officer was heading to another call in Concord, NH, the officer came across a motorcycle on the ground and a driver in the road at the intersection of North Main  Street and Storrs Street, reports Patch.com.  After the officer requested to have Concord firefighters dispatched to the scene, Merrimack County Sheriffs also arrived at the scene. Shortly after, a second ambulance was requested to tend to the injuries the biker’s passenger suffered in the accident.

After officers spoke with witnesses, they learned that the motorcycle had been involved in an accident with another vehicle that failed to remain at the accident scene. Witnesses also told police that the motorcyclist along with his/her passenger were not wearing helmets. The two were later transported to Concord Hospital.

Concord Police are now investigating the cause of the accident.


What are a driver’s obligations after an accident in New Hampshire?


New Hampshire law says that when a driver is involved in an accident that causes a death, personal injury to another, or property damage, he/she is required to stop their vehicle at the accident scene and provide those involved with the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Driver’s license number
  • The name of their insurance provider as well as their policy information
  • The registration number of the vehicle


In the event the party involved in the wreck has suffered an injury and is unable to obtain the information after the incident, the other driver is expected to provide this information to a uniformed police officer who shall then provide it to any injured parties at a later time. It is extremely important for a driver who is involved in a wreck to contact police immediately so that aid can be administered as quickly as possible.


Were you involved in a hit-and-run accident in Concord, NH or any other city in New Hampshire?

 Have you spoken with an attorney yet?


Most of the drivers who flee the scene of an accident do so out of fear as they worry they could be faced with serious consequences or because they know they were committing a crime that ultimately led to the accident occurring. Rather than stick around and risk going to jail or being charged with a crime, they choose to leave. Luckily, many of the drivers who cause hit-and-run accidents are identified and brought to justice.

If you or a loved one was involved in a hit-and-run accident in New Hampshire, you should consider contacting a New Hampshire accident lawyer as soon as possible so they can get working on your case. Not only might a lawyer be able to help you recover compensation for the injuries you suffered, but also for any medical expenses associated with your injuries, lost wages, and more. To speak with an accident attorney in New Hampshire now, contact USAttorneys.com.