Although we are well through the month of January, the winter weather conditions remain present in the state of Idaho. It seems many drivers in the state are experiencing difficult driving conditions, which in return causes an increase in accidents. Roadways are slippery, people aren’t able to see clearly, and traffic is building up. With a mix of bad weather and impatient drivers, the likelihood of a collision occurring is at an all-time high. On Monday, January 23rd, reported multiple bus collisions. Luckily one was not transporting children at the time and the one that was reportedly had no injuries.
If the winter weather has caused you to engage in an accident, suggests you consult with a local Idaho accident attorney to discuss the damages you may obtain compensation for.
Idaho is experiencing extreme winter conditions which has caused various types of accidents to occur.
Common Accidents That Are Occurring in Idaho
Do you live in Idaho? Have you personally been effected by the slippery and cold weather conditions? Perhaps your drive has been delayed due to the snowy conditions or the traffic buildup caused by an auto accident? Well, according to one news source, the winter season is causing a significant amount of havoc in the state. In just one day, Ada County Sheriff’s Office reported 24 stalled or stuck vehicles, 90 non-injury crashes, five injury crashes, seven hit-and run collisions, and 26 slide-offs.
What are Slide-Offs?
Well, plainly put, a slide off is when your vehicle literally slides off the road. Why do these incidents happen? If the road is icy and you happen to lose control for a split second, you risk the chance of your automobile going off the road. When this occurs, it could take a few seconds for your car to come to a complete stop and it could very well collide with another vehicle.
How to Prepare for Winter Driving Conditions
First and foremost, you need to know when you should and should not be out on the roadways. Winter weather creates an environment known to cause fatal accidents and you don’t want any part of that. Therefore, if you take into consideration these few tips and implement them when you drive, you can reduce your chance of crashing or colliding with another car.

  • According to Icy Road Safety, you need to reduce your speed. Driving at a slower speed gives you ample time to stop in the event you need to suddenly.
  • Always wear your safety belt. Being prepared for the unknown is better than not being prepared at all. Besides it is the law so buckle up.
  • Try and avoid driving on an icy road. If you are debating whether you need to pick up something at your local grocer and the news stations have announced the dangerous conditions, try and wait until it is safer to travel.

Roadway collisions can bring upon unwanted conditions and lifelong problems. This is why those who have already been involved in a collision need to speak with a knowledgeable accident lawyer in Idaho who will ensure your injuries are compensated for.

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