West Palm Beach, FL- Aggressive driving and road rage are on the rise, and more and more often these troubling incidents lead to deadly crashes. Past studies have shown that road rage incidents are on the rise, resulting in hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries. In recent months, there have been troubling incidents involving angry drivers who exact their revenge in the road and create hazards for other drivers.
Priest Brandished a Gun at Motorist on Florida
A priest from Fletcher, North Carolina was charged after he waved a gun at another motorist in a road rage incident in Florida.
ABC News Reports that William Rian Adams, 35, was driving near the Florida Turnpike in Palm City on Wednesday, July 5th when he tried to brake check another motorist he believed was too close to his rear. As the vehicle attempted to pass Adams’s vehicle, he pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and pointed it at the victim and their passenger.
The above incident didn’t result in a traffic accident, but the priest who brandished his gun is facing two charges of aggravated assault, according to ABC News.

This incident is just the latest to grab national headlines. In May, a young woman about to go to college was fatally wounded in a road rage incident in Pennsylvania. A man driving a red truck drive by her and shot her in the head as she attempted to merge onto a highway. The woman died instantly, and the veered off the road crashing into a tree.
The driver who shot the young woman turned himself in earlier this month. His reaction to something as simple as another car trying to merge onto a highway was disproportional and inexcusable. It is also becoming more and more common.
Road Rage and Traffic Accidents
Aggressive driving and road rage is on the rise, and these troubling incidents can end with a devastating crash. And, just like the incidents discussed above, most road rage is set off by something most people would see as insignificant or can easily let go. In a study, AAA found that aggressive driving behaviors like speeding, tailgating, or passing illegally were a factor in nearly 56 percent of fatal crashes in the U.S.

The AAA also asked drivers what caused them to get angry and lash out at another motorist, and found that it usually happened for petty reasons. Drivers surveyed said they got angry because they were cut off or the other driver was going to slow. Whatever their reason, no one deserves to be harmed for something so insignificant.
Contact an Accident Lawyer if You Are a Victim of Road Rage
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