The debate continues over the pros and cons of bringing privately held parking lots under and the umbrella of the State Traffic Laws in Louisiana.

The statutory rules for the operations of a motor vehicle should be ubiquitous
It has been observed that Louisiana laws that apply to the operations of motor vehicle in public parking locations do not apply identically to private parking lots including all those of malls and grocery stores. While a crash in a private lot will be investigated for insurance, with the driver liable for a citation, it would still not be the same when a crash occurring in a place like a public road is reported.
After a crash occurs in a parking lot, the officer overseeing the case will investigate the crash: interview all those involved including the drivers, passengers, and witnesses; figure out what exactly occurred and the reasons why the two or more vehicles were involved in the accident. The officer would then prepare a report based on his findings for a private lot crash which is far less detailed than the report for a crash meant for the Louisiana Uniform Motor Vehicle Crash report for public road incidents.
For the most part, the officer investigating a private lot crash would document with pictures all aspects of the crash, but would not determine whose “fault” it was. The accident attorneys would be left to debate over who would be liable to pay for any damages.
The insurance aspect
It is illegal in Louisiana to operate a motor vehicle without insurance, with the offending driver subject to citation. As per the Louisiana State Commissioner of Insurance, James J. Donelon, responsiveness by law enforcement may not be the same from place to place for private lot crashes in Louisiana since priority is given to public road incidents of accidents. The officer reporting a private lot incident will investigate and report it but would not be able to take any action in terms of citation, except, if the vehicle did not have insurance, in which case the driver would be cited for not being covered by insurance.
In addition, according to Lafayette, Louisiana accident attorneys, if it was found that the driver was operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner; it violates the Louisiana Statute 14:99 for Reckless Operation of a Vehicle, which includes motor vehicles and aircraft amongst others; and includes all locations such as private parking lots. In such a case the driver could be cited for criminal violation of a State Statute.
Crashes occur during the holiday season, the busiest times of the year
The number of crashes in private parking lots in Louisiana increase each year during the Christmas Season. Lafayette, Louisiana accident attorneys say although some laws do not apply on private land, those that include criminal statutes do so. It is therefore better to be cautious at this time of the year when parking lots are full and cars are closely packed together in private lots with very small spaces for free movement. This is an ideal way to stay away from impatient and careless fender benders.

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