Boca Raton, FL – There are some situations where structures on or near a road can cause an accident or increase the amount of damage and losses associated with a collision. The entity responsible for maintaining the area can possibly still be sued for negligence, as long as the victim’s attorney can prove all of the elements of negligence. Other situations that may cause a single car accident include malfunctioning parts or an unsafe design that contributed to the collision. In these cases, the company that designed and distributed the vehicle may be served with a products liability lawsuit. Even if a single car was the only one involved in the accident, the driver may still be able to file a civil case for damages.  

Vehicle malfunctions and products liability law

There are also accidents where a single car malfunctions and collides with some kind of property or obstacle nearby. This implicates the area of products liability law. Products liability is essentially meant to hold the distributors of products responsible for injuries caused while the products were utilized for their intended purposes. The type of defects at issue may either be due to a poorly designed product that was not tested adequately, or a single product that was defective due to a mistake made during the manufacturing process. Because products liability cases can be complex, it is important to find an attorney who can consult with an expert to learn more about the relevant motor vehicle design and possible flaws that would lead to a malfunction. 

Construction sites and road obstacles

It is possible for a person harmed in a collision to show that a construction or maintenance area was operated or designed in a dangerous manner. The injury lawyer for the plaintiff will often try to track down the particular government entity or construction company that was responsible for the area. There may have also been evidence of prior incidents in the same area, which can help show that the company or government was negligent for ignoring known risks. In some accident cases, something as simple as a hole in the road or lack of proper maintenance may have been the cause of the collision. The entity responsible for maintaining the road can still possibly be sued even when the defect seems minor. 

Finding out if a lawsuit is the right remedy 

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