Boca Raton, FL – Any individual or business that owns a piece of property has certain responsibilities for guests and others on their land and in their buildings. There is an entire area of the civil law dedicated to premises liability and holding people and entities accountable when someone is injured on their property. Many personal injury lawyers who deal with common situations such as slip and fall accidents routinely deal with premises liability issues. 

Premises liability laws in Florida

Most of Florida law focuses on how foreseeable injuries are with regards to premises liability. In other words, a business that routinely has wet floors or debris in a parking lot should make reasonable attempts to clean the areas regularly and watch out for the safety of guests. The business would likely be liable if someone was injured in these areas and sued, because they should have taken measures to prevent injuries and problems. Businesses are also generally liable if there are known risks such as a wet floor or other dangers that would cause a person to get hurt, but they do not bother to clean the area or address the situation in a reasonable amount of time.  

Florida law has also determined that areas like swimming pools and playground equipment are an attractive nuisance that should be secured, because it may naturally attract people to the area. The owners of these items are generally held responsible for limiting or restricting access to the area where there is no supervision or security. 

Civil cases related to accidents and injuries

When someone is harmed, they are generally concerned with receiving compensation and the value of their case. Money paid out to a victim for these kinds of losses is called damages. There are several different types of damages available under Florida law in personal injury cases

Economic damages are meant to cover a person’s tangible losses related to missed time from work, medical bills, property damage, and other losses that can easily be proven through documentation. Other cases may also factor in economic damage caused by a serious injury when a person cannot function as normal and has their earning potential affected. 

Non-economic damages are meant to compensate a victim for their emotional pain, suffering, trauma, and other intangible losses. Skilled personal injury attorneys know how to argue for these kinds of damages during a settlement negotiation or jury trial.  

Speaking with a local attorney about injury lawsuits

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