Since motor vehicles have started plying the roads, states have enacted a series of traffic laws and regulations. Some consider driving a car as a right. However, it is important to understand that it is only a legal privilege. And being a privilege, state laws have enforced certain duties and limitations for drivers once they are behind the wheel.

The folks in Rhode Island are actually pretty happy though on this front, at least by the numbers tossed out for 2015. According to, driving in 2015 in Rhode Island was very safe and not only that, the numbers of lives lost has been decreasing for 5 years now. Only 45 deaths were written down in 2015. This is pretty impressive. Nine of these deaths were on motorcycles and eight were walking about or pedestrians.
Get on to find the legal assistance you need. No one wants to be in a car accident but if someone ruins your day, perhaps week, and damages your car you have the right to make this situation right! You just lost $12,000 or so, you have the right to make that money back and then some.
Consequences of a hit and run
According to accident legal pros an important duty is the duty to halt and assist others if someone is involved in a car crash. While this “stop and render aid” law may vary from one state to another, most states enforce this legal duty for drivers to stop their vehicle and provide necessary assistance when involved in an auto accident.
Assistance laws, also termed sometimes as “hit and run” laws, are developed to check people from leaving the scene of a car accident. If anyone is involved in a traffic related accident, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one acted illegally or is guilty of a crime. However, auto accidents can end up in criminal charges if any driver doesn’t stop, identify himself/herself, and provide help. A car accident need not create a crime, but the driver’s actions afterward make it so.
Here are some of the responsibilities highlighted by legal representatives.
Stop after accidents or crashes
The stop and assist laws require all drivers to help after accidents. Such laws apply when a driver becomes involved in any car accident, crash, collision, or intentional act that results in injury or damage, and not mere accidents.
Stop when you are aware of the accident
There are some states that require a driver to halt, identify, and assist in case the driver becomes aware of the injury or damage. It is the driver’s duty to stop even if the vehicle accident is a minor one. For the most part, the degree of the severity or damage is irrelevant.
If possible, start building your case from the get go. You are due thousands of dollars and that includes punitive damages. You did not ask for this to happen but you will soon be able to voice your displeasure using the law.
Drivers cannot make an excuse of their failure to halt by stating that they were unaware of being involved in a car accident. In case a driver who in similar circumstances would have known of the accident, it is reason enough to stop and assist.
Identify yourself and provide assistance
Judicious legal counselors point out that state laws stipulate that all drivers involved in auto accidents share identification with each other. They must also provide information concerning their car insurance. State laws require drivers who are involved in auto accidents to stop and provide reasonable assistance whenever possible.
Unlike drivers, passengers don’t share this responsibility. However, any passenger is guilty if he/she persuades, convinces, or urges the driver to run away from the auto accident scene
According to hit and run laws in Rhode Island, Section 31-26-3.3c states that failure to stop and comply with traffic laws following an auto accident shall be deemed a misdemeanor and attract a fine between $500 and $1,000 in addition to the suspension of the driver’s license of up to 6 months.
Meanwhile, if you have sustained injuries in an auto accident which has resulted in loss of income, make sure to consult a seasoned Rhode Island accident lawyer. You have the right to claim compensation but you will have to make the first move and seek legal counsel as early as possible.
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