A bizarre incident in Queens, New York involved a stolen Catholic Charities food delivery truck that crashed into another vehicle

The accident happened near the intersections of 119th Ave and 191st Street in the St. Albans neighborhood. 

Charity truck is stolen and driven into another car while meal deliveries were taking place

As the charity truck was making deliveries to local senior citizens at about 9:45 am, another vehicle approached. Someone got out and went into the truck, then quickly drove away and left the scene. A few hours after the truck was stolen, it got into an accident with a much smaller Kia sedan at a high rate of speed. The impact was so severe that the Kia was sent into a nearby building, while the truck hit a street sign, mailbox, and shrubs before it eventually flipped over. Immediately after the impact, the suspect in the stolen truck was seen pulling himself out of the wreckage and running away on foot.  

Two people needed to be sent to local hospitals after the accident. One of them sustained only very minor injuries, while the other remained in critical condition at North Shore University Hospital. 

Catholic Charities claims that the man who was legitimately driving the truck altered the police and his manager immediately after the theft took place. A spokeswoman from the charity organization released a statement regarding their assistance to the NYPD while the investigation continues and they attempt to find the suspect. They also claim that all of the senior citizens who were supposed to receive meals on the day of the incident did eventually get their food. 

Intervening criminal actions that cause a truck accident 

In most cases, an intervening criminal act will relieve the trucking company of any liability for the accident. However, if the theft of the vehicle was foreseeable and the company did not take necessary action to secure the vehicle, they may still be negligent. Ultimately, this is a very fact intensive inquiry that will require some research and decision making by an attorney. They will need to make a judgment call regarding the possibility of success, and if the case is worth pursuing. The business responsible may also have insurance to cover these kinds of losses. It is always best to speak with a lawyer and listen to their advice if there is any possibility that you want to file a lawsuit after a motor vehicle accident. 

Suing the criminal suspect

The suspect in this case can also become the defendant in a civil lawsuit, regardless of the outcome of his criminal case. The reckless action of speeding away in a stolen truck would likely be sufficient to prove negligence in court, especially considering the civil court system has a lower burden of proof than criminal cases. However, there may be some difficulties in getting an individual criminal defendant to pay out damages to cover the costs of medical treatment and injuries, even when they are liable. 

Learn about the possibility of legal action after a truck crash

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