A 16-year-old is facing a felony hit-and-run charge after causing a crash in Raleigh that left two women injured. Law enforcement officials said that Dustin Lee Jackson was driving without a license back in early April when he hit the side of another vehicle in which the two women were riding in. The accident occurred around 4:30 p.m. at Falls of Neuse Road and Common Oaks Drive. News Observer did not report on the condition of the two women who have been identified as Porcia and Rheamon Lewis, however, it was noted that both women did sustain some sort of injury.
As a result of the accident, Jackson was arrested and held overnight pending a first court appearance. A magistrate set his bail at $5,000. He was scheduled to be in court a few days after his arrest for another charge that was filed against him. Apparently, Jackson was charged with trespassing and he was accused of this offense on March 11. His next scheduled hearing was set for April 18th, which was just last week for yet another charge in connection with a misdemeanor assault charge for an incident that occurred back in October.
It appears Jackson is facing quite a few charges which means the judge overseeing the case may be hesitant to offer some sort of plea bargain that would reduce his penalties.

What penalties might a person be faced with for engaging in a hit and run accident in NC?

After being involved in a car accident, it is never a good idea to flee the scene. One of the first and most obvious reasons why is because it is illegal to do so. Whether you caused the accident or your vehicle was the one that was hit, you never want to continue driving until an officer has been called to the scene and a police report has been written up.  And in the event damage was done or you are led to believe that someone was injured, it is especially important that 911 is called.

Some of the penalties a person might face for engaging in a hit and run are having to pay expensive fines which could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars as well as having to serve time in jail. The specifics of these penalties are determined on a case by case basis, so it would be wise to discuss what penalties you might be facing with a Raleigh criminal defense attorney in the event you recently were arrested for hit and run.
However, if you are the victim of a hit and run accident and are looking to collect damages for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, etc., consulting with a Raleigh, NC accident lawyer is your best bet. The NC accident attorneys we can connect you with are skilled in this particular field of law and understand know how to maneuver through the legal system so that they can obtain a favorable outcome for you.
If you would like to be connected with a local attorney in your area now, contact USAttorneys.com today.

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