Recovering Economic Damages After a Truck Accident in Seattle, Washington

If a driver in Seattle has begun to accrue debt after engaging in a truck accident that wasn’t their fault, they may be looking for financial support to prevent them from having to pay out-of-pocket for accident-related expenses. Fortunately, there are Seattle, WA truck accident lawyers who may be able to help them. When a truck driver’s negligence causes an accident or plays a role in causing one to occur, they or their employer may be responsible for paying the victim economic damages.


What are economic damages?


Economic damages refer to the monetary losses a person suffers after an accident. Some of the common types of economic damages that are awarded in truck accident cases include:


Past and Future Medical Expenses


Truck accident victims are often entitled to recover money to cover the medical care they already had rendered along with the care they are expected to need in the future. Examples of compensable medical expenses include:

  • Emergency room visits
  • Doctors’ visits
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgery
  • Medical devices
  • Transportation costs to and from the doctor
  • Medication


In order for a truck accident victim to know how much they should receive for future medical expenses, it is recommended that they work closely with a medical expert and a Seattle, WA truck accident attorney who can help them determine this.


Lost Wages


Truck accidents usually end with severe property damage and injuries. Those who are lucky enough to survive these types of collisions often walk away with serious and even permanent injuries. This often results in them having to miss several weeks or months of work or quit their job. Without a job or a steady source of income, how is a truck accident victim expected to provide for themselves or their family?

The answer is by recovering damages for lost wages. If a truck accident victim is looking to obtain financial relief to help make up for the income they were unable to earn, they can contact a Seattle, WA truck accident lawyer who can help them. An attorney can decide if the victim is entitled to insurance benefits or if a personal injury lawsuit needs to be filed.


Connect with a Truck Accident Lawyer in Seattle Now


The timeframe an individual has to pursue another party for compensation is limited in Washington State. Currently, the law allows an accident victim to file suit within three years after their accident has occurred or their injuries became known.1 Once the statute of limitations has expired, the victim may no longer have a valid case.

Therefore, if someone was injured in a collision with a large truck in Seattle and they want to recover economic damages, they are encouraged to contact so they can be connected with a lawyer in their area.