Reporting Injuries Suffered in a Construction Accident in Wyoming

After a construction worker has suffered injuries in a work-related accident, there are certain steps they will need to take if they want to recover workers’ compensation benefits which typically include medical and wage replacement benefits. Typically, in order for benefits to be paid out, a worker must not only be eligible to receive workers’ compensation insurance, but they must also follow the procedures that have been outlined by the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services. Below is a brief overview of the initial procedures a construction worker will need to follow if they are looking to obtain workers’ compensation benefits after suffering a work-related injury.


  1. Report injuries.

One of the first things a construction worker will need to do is fill out an Injury Report and send it to Workers’ Compensation. These reports should be filed as soon as possible as waiting to do so could cause an injury victim to be denied benefits. Once the injury report form is received, it should be processed within three to five days and reviewed by a claims analyst. 1. All parties including the worker’s employer and their health care provider will also be contacted.

After reviewing the claim, the claims analyst will decide whether to open the claim, deny the claim, or request additional information in order to make a final determination on it. If additional information needs to be submitted, the injured worker will likely have 15 days to provide it.

Important: An injured worker should also report their injury to their employer so that he/she is aware of the incident and that the worker is looking to recover workers’ compensation benefits. If an employer informs an employee who is eligible to receive workers’ comp that their injury isn’t covered, they can contact a Wyoming workers’ compensation lawyer for legal advice.


  1. Submit additional forms if requested

In the event the claims analyst determines that the worker is entitled to benefits, they may be required to file additional forms with Workers’ Compensation. It is important that any forms or documentation that is requested is filed in a timely manner so that the claims process can be finalized.

If a worker’s claim is approved, they should be provided with instructions that outline their benefits and where they can go for medical treatment.


What if a construction workers’ claim is denied?


In the event an injured worker receives a denial notice, they can appeal the decision or contact a Wyoming construction accident lawyer who can help them address the issue. Frederick J. Harrison, P.C. is a personal injury law firm located in Wyoming that provides legal assistance to injured workers’ who are unable to recover the workers’ comp benefits they are due.


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