Pete Lucido is a state representative from Shelby County. Lucido claimed he had innovated a way to fix Michigan’s roads without having to ask for more from tax payers. The Republican has identified the $20 billion stockpiled in the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association as a potential financial source to fix the roads of the state.

The original purpose of the fund is to make payouts to victims of car accidents who have been seriously injured. Insurance companies through-out the state add to the fund by paying per vehicle that they insure.
Extra money just sitting there?
State Governor Snyder commented on the suggestion by saying that he appreciates people trying to help out with such ideas but taking money from the states catastrophic claims fund is not the answer. The governor made it clear that the fund was exclusively to pay victims of car accidents and it was meant as a future cost and it should not be used as a current source of dispensable money.
But what if there is more than enough to cover that cost governor?
Gov. Snyder also remarked that the estimated $1.2 billion required to tidy up the roads is an annual cost and it would not be feasible to keep taking money out of the fund every year. He said the state will need to come up with a way to generate the $1.2 billion every year.
The state fund subjects vehicle owners to a $186 per vehicle fee as part of the state’s no-fault insurance system.
Lucido stands by his idea and plans to put it to public vote.
John McCallum III is irresponsible, involved in fatal car crash
John McCallum III has been convicted for the crimes of second-degree murder and fleeing from a police officer and has been handed a prison sentence of 20-45 years. The sentence was announced nearly six months after the day of the accident that killed 25-year old Francesca Weatherhead.
Reportedly, McCallum was involved in a home invasion case that morning and was being pursued by a police officer when his SUV struck Weatherhead’s van at the intersection of Six Mile and Beech Daly Roads.
McCallum took the advice of his accident attorney and opened the window for a plea bargain. He pleaded guilty to the two aforementioned charges, as a part of the plea deal. Additional charges of reckless driving and home invasion were dismissed.
The Vitale family and friends of the victim crowded the court house and were visibly distraught. They commented saying his sentence was not long enough. They were infuriated by the fact that the perpetrator was in fact on parole and had returned to a life of theft, drugs, and weapons.
Weatherhead was a newlywed and was only married for a month before her death.
87-year old blamed for fiery crash on interstate 94
Fortunately, everyone involved escaped without life-threatening injuries when a tanker exploded in flames as a result of an accident. An 87-year old man from Plymouth has been blamed for the accident and issued with a ticket for incorrectly changing lanes. Surprisingly, the senior held a valid driver’s license. Officers believe his age may have been a contributing factor to the accident and he is set to undertake tests to determine if his license should be revoked or not.
car crashed during road accident
Car accident laws in the state of Michigan
Michigan, like many other states in the nation, is a “no-fault” state when it comes to car crashes. The wording leads many people to wrongly believe that Detroit accident attorneys are not required, instead the law essentially dictates that it is mandatory for vehicle owners to purchase and hold valid auto-insurances which they can turn to for payouts in case of a car accident.
Irrespective of who was at fault for the accident, all parties involved will contact their insurers who will compensate them financially for damages. However, in cases where serious injuries are sustained, lawsuits may be filed against the faulty party. In pressing times such as an accident, its important that once you have been medically attended to, you should contact a local accident attorney which be done with the cutting edge website known as

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