Rhode Island Woman Suffers More Than a Dozen Fractures After Engaging in a Motorcycle Accident

The call every parent dreads was the type of call Gloria and Mike Tanguay received on June 7th. The couple had learned that their 27-year-old daughter, Kim Tanguay, had been involved in a motorcycle accident [Source: The Valley Breeze]. Tanguay, who rarely rode motorcycles according to her mother, decided to go out for a ride with her friend, John Blain who had just purchased the bike. As the two were riding through the intersection of Diamond Hill and Walnut Roads, they were struck by an SUV being driven by 72-year-old Jeanne Fortier.

Sadly, Blain died as a result of the accident but Tanguay survived. The news source says Blain had gone home prior to taking Kim out for a ride to get her a helmet. Had it not been for the helmet, Kim Tanguay may not have survived the wreck. She did, however, suffer more than a dozen fractures which required her to undergo emergency surgery that same night. After the surgery, Kim was “awake and alert chatting with her family on FaceTime.” Her mother told the news source that while she was in a lot of pain, she appears to be recovering.

As for Fortier, she was cited for failing to yield the right of way. The source did not disclose whether there were any charges filed against the driver of the SUV.

Unlike many victims of motorcycle accidents, Kim Tanguay may regain the ability to walk again. But, before she gets to that point, she will “require extensive physical therapy” and may need to go to a rehabilitation center. Unprepared to pay for the medical treatment Kim is likely to need, the 27-year-old’s best friends set up a GoFundMe account in an effort to help the family raise some money to go toward it. The news source says that as of Monday, the fundraiser brought in more than $21,000.


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