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Do You Need A Rhode Island Car Accident Lawyer or Injury Attorney?

Many accidents that occur often leave the parties involved suffering from both short-term and long-term conditions. Some of the most common injuries people suffer from when involved in accidents involving vehicles, those sustained on construction sites, or even on hazardous premises belonging to a person or company are presented below.

Injuries to Your Head and Back

Most auto accidents result in injuries to the head and back. Our heads are usually the first to become harmed and the injuries vary from brain injuries to concussions. Herniated discs and damage to the spinal cord are also common in accidents where a car or truck was involved.

If you are suffering from one of the above mentioned injuries or yours is not listed and your condition was brought on by another person or entity, you should know that you may be entitled to receive compensation for the pain and suffering you have had to endure. USAttorneys offers a free service to individuals such as yourself who are looking to find and retain a reputable and worthy Rhode Island accident attorney in your city who can get you the compensation you deserve.

Neck and Chest Injuries

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries a person sustains upon impact with another vehicle. People with heart conditions often suffer from traumatic cardiac arrest when involved in any type of accident as well.

Broken and Fractured Bones

While it is common to sustain a broken bone after an auto accident, especially if you were a pedestrian who was hit by an automobile, many slip and fall accidents also result in broken and fractured bones. This type of injury usually takes weeks or even months to recover from depending on how serious the injury was and you more than likely would require physical therapy to regain back the strength you once had.

Our accident lawyers in Rhode Island featured on our site handle various types of accident cases and have connections with various professionals in other fields. They may be able to help you locate a trustworthy physical therapist who is going to provide you with the care and treatment you require.

Recommended Physical Therapists Throughout the State of Rhode Island

If you were recently involved in an accident and are in need of a physical therapist as you are working toward wellness, below are some suggested physical therapists that have received high ratings based on Google and the reviews left by actual patients. Of course, these are only recommendations and you are encouraged to conduct research on your own before relying on Google data solely.

Elite Physical Therapy

285 Governor St.

Providence, RI 02906



Liberty Physical Therapy

100 Highland Ave #305

Providence, RI 02906



Specialized Orthopedic Physical Therapy

250 Centerville Rd.

Warwick, RI 02886



Warwick Avenue Physical Therapy

1030 Warwick Ave.

Warwick, RI 02888



ProCare Therapy Service

1441 Park Ave.

Cranston, RI 02920



Elite Physical Therapy

1681 Cranston St.

Cranston, RI 02920



Inured in an Accident?

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Understanding what to do after an accident can be overwhelming if you have suffered from one or more of the injuries mentioned. Speak with one of the Rhode Island injury lawyers featured on our site who can provide you with some information that can help ease your mind and get you on the right track to getting the settlement you deserve.

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