Parking Lot Accidents
Have you ever backed up abruptly and realized there was a car backing up at the same exact time as you? Perhaps you made a turn down the next isle of a parking lot to catch an open space you saw and almost collided into a pedestrian walking to their vehicle? Many of us have experienced these instances but have never actually engaged in an accident while inside a parking lot. However, these accidents do in fact occur and many victims aren’t really sure how to handle them once they do.
We are here to tell you that you that if you did engage in an accident recently while in a parking lot that you are not alone as there are many individuals just like you. Many people get hit by backing up vehicles, run over by large trucks, and many are subjected to having to get their vehicle repaired as the driver who hit their car fled the scene after the accident.
While you might feel helpless and unsure as to what you should do regarding your accident, we are here to tell you that our accident lawyers in Providence, Rhode Island are available to provide you with all the assistance and guidance you need at this time.

What are Some of the Main Causes of Parking Lot Accidents?


  • When a driver becomes impatient and rushes for a spot- Drivers sometimes are on a time constraint and need to get in and out of a store. They rush to get into a spot but because they aren’t being mindful of others, they wind up causing an accident.
  • When a motorist neglects to look behind them before backing up- Many pedestrians walking by are affected by this and some sustain life-threatening injuries because of being hit by a backing up vehicle.
  • The tight space allotted for maneuvering your vehicle in the parking lot- Sometimes parking lot accidents transpire simply because there isn’t enough space for a vehicle to get in and out. Fault isn’t necessarily determined in these accidents as it wasn’t either driver who was the true cause of the crash.

Regardless of how your accident may have occurred, you are probably more focused on getting a claim filed so that you can get your vehicle repaired and/or have your injuries treated by a medical practitioner. Repairs and medical care don’t come cheap so it is vital that you get a claim filed with your insurance company as soon as possible. If you need assistance with this, our accident attorneys in Providence will be more than happy to help you.
The fact is, there are many individuals who area affected in these parking lot accidents. Pedestrians, motorists, bicyclists, and motorcyclists all suffer physical injuries as well as property damage when an accident occurs. And if you are struggling physically and financially from a parking lot accident, you should know what options you have on the table so that you can receive the compensation your damages are worth.
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