Losing a loved one or having some you close to you experience a life-altering injury is traumatic and stressful. Many individuals deal with this on a daily basis across the state of Kentucky as drunk driving accidents continue to take hold of innocent lives. Between 2003-2012, 2,041 people lost their lives in a collision that involved an intoxicated driver. That doesn’t reflect the number of people who sustained injuries, whether they be minor or severe. When involved in an accident caused by someone who was under the influence, there are many options you have that will allow you to collect compensation for the misfortune you are experiencing.
Who can inform you of what these options are? An experienced Lexington, KY accident lawyer featured on USAttorneys.com.
Hiring an accident attorney in Lexington will help you regain control of this unfortunate incident that has affected your life.

What can an accident lawyer in Lexington do for me? 

Wrongful deaths, personal injuries, and property damage claims are all areas in which an accident attorney can assist you with. These are only some of the outcomes of many crashes caused by drunk drivers but the list goes on and on. Whether you became disabled, lost months out of work, or are the spouse of a deceased individual whose life was claimed in an accident, you have rights and it is time you exercise them.
Your circumstances will determine how you proceed with recovering compensation. Although this isn’t going to mend your injuries or bring someone back who didn’t survive the collision, it can help cover the financial expenses that have accrued following the incident. In some cases, you can even file for punitive damages which can also provide compensation and punish the careless person for their wrongdoing. In many cases, the family of an injured individual simply wants justice more than the money they are rightfully due.
Every accident case differs and every person experiences loss or pain in a different way. This is why you need a Lexington, KY accident lawyer who will take the time to address all your issues and devise a plan on how to seek the justice you are looking to obtain.

What is the state doing to reduce the number of drunk driving accidents in Kentucky?

Drunk drivers create a significant amount of havoc on the roadways and leave many families grieving. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has listed a few strategies the state of Kentucky has implemented that will encourage drivers to avoid operating their vehicle after consuming alcohol or taking drugs. Some of these strategies are listed below.
Sobriety Checkpoints– These are setup by police officials and used to stop vehicles to determine if the driver is impaired or not. Most checkpoints are in areas where there is known to be a lot of accidents or DUI arrests.
Drunk Driving Laws– It is illegal to drive your vehicle with a BAC limit of 0.08 or higher. Those who are caught with any alcohol is their system under the age of 21 will face the appropriate consequences for their actions. There is a “zero tolerance policy” for under-age drivers who are found guilty of driving while intoxicated.
While it may be hard to get through the unexpected events that have just occurred, you need support and the accident attorneys in Kentucky are going to provide the help and guidance you demand right now.

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