Forgetting the accident ever happened is one of the main desires of victims of car collisions. However, even after a person has their vehicle fixed and their injuries treated, they will likely have to keep the accident in mind because it will go on their driving record, and it will affect their insurance rates as well. The main question drivers ask is how long the accident will remain on their record and the answer to this is no straightforward and is case-specific.

The factors that contribute to the length of one’s accident remaining in their record include where they live, and how serious the accident was. The cause of the accident is also taken into consideration when deciding such factors. On average, the accident can stay on a person’s record for 3-5years judging on how intense it was. However, if a person gets into an accident while they are intoxicated with alcohol, they will have it on their record for 75 years, so for the rest of their life.

The good news is that after the violation is removed from a person’s DMV record, their insurance rates will no longer be affected by it, and they can likely go back to paying the regular amount. It is important to note that if a person was not at fault for the accident it may not be counted against them, but in the case of the accident occurring in a no-fault state, the driver will have to deal with higher rates even if they were not at fault.

Taking Legal Steps After a Car Accident in Riverview, Florida

It’s never easy to have to deal with the aftermath of an accident. If the collision was not a person’s fault, then they have all the more reason to seek compensation to help them deal with the sudden setbacks they incurred.

It’s not just one’s vehicle that will need repairing but if the accident was even slightly significant a person will need help covering their medical bills for any checkups, procedures, treatment, or medication they had pay for. Not only that, but individuals will need time to recover, or they may need time to repair their vehicle and they will be unable to drive to work during this time. They can also request damages for these missed wages.

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