Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicate that around 40,000 people die in fatal accidents in the United States. Unfortunately, the figure keeps increasing while the casualties in many accidents are youngsters. Those who manage to survive end up paying in more ways than one.
The financial consequences can turn out to be devastating while injuries can also take a toll on a person’s mental and physical well-being. Unfortunately, Colorado accident lawyers have seen it all and the law office of Saul R. Sarney is one of the best.

Yet, many motorists continue to flout rules and drive recklessly without giving a thought to the fact that they not only endanger their life but others as well. All it takes is a few steps to reduce the chances of being involved in a road accident. It all begins with alert driving, which is really not difficult to pursue every time you get behind the wheel.
The Common Causes of Road Accidents
To begin with, drunk driving or diving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other narcotics, is one of the most common causes of accidents. According to Colorado accident attorneys, a majority of such accidents are fatal, where the families of the victims and that drunk driver pay for the consequences.
Mental distractions are also a prime reason for road accidents. Drivers should remember that while controlling a car it should be their responsibility to keep their eyes on the road rather than be distracted with texting – which is a crime in many states, talking on the phone, and having their ears plugged listening to music.
No traffic rule can safeguard a driver who fails to brake when distracted. So, staying within a speed limit is something every driver needs to practice. Speed limits are designed to maintain and organize the traffic and being a driver you must obey those limits.
Drivers must stay alert throughout the way! Quite obvious indeed, but many people insist on driving when they are tired, both physically and mentally. Engage a chauffeur or call a cab whenever you feel washed out and have to go a long way so you will not need to hire a Colorado accident lawyer. Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, but there is always the opportunity to take a few precautions.
Hire a Tremendous Colorado Accident Attorney
However, if you are involved in an accident make sure to stop or you could be charged with hit and run, even in a minor accident. In addition, make sure to call the police who will file a report that can be used to file a claim with your insurance company. Keep an accurate record so that the investigating officers are aware of what exactly happened and have a fair idea of how the accident occurred. Take pictures of any visible damage and injuries as well. This can go a long way as evidence.
One of the Best Lawyers in the Denver Area
However, you should make sure to involve an experienced Colorado accident lawyer so that you rights are protected and you receive fair compensation. Besides, your legal representative can offer valuable advice on a number of issues including insurance claims. Not sure on your next move? Go to and give Saul a call and speak to him about it. He know this field and knows what you are about to face.
Many lawyers work on a contingency fee basis so that you don’t have to worry about legal costs unless your attorney is successful in recovering adequate compensation for your injuries, loss of work, and other financial setbacks.

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