A car crash in Akron has left two persons injured, as reported by ohio.com. The victims were robbed and they tried to pursue the suspect in a car and crashed it, according to police reports.
According to their statements, they were confronted at gunpoint on Akron’s east side and mugged just an hour before midnight. The victims, two men and a woman lived in the 1300 block of Goodyear Boulevard who had gone out to purchase some cigarettes.

Reportedly, the robbers were all masked and barged into the three victims’ apartment building as they were about to exit it. They then proceeded to command the two men to lie down on the floor of the apartment as they helped themselves to whatever valuables they could get their hands on. The robbers were not only masked but also armed and dangerous. Not one Akron, OH accident lawyer is comfortable with this behavior.
The victims have provided a list to the police as to what was stolen from them, namely, a Sony Play Station, a mobile phone, and cash totaling up to a hundred dollars. They made their getaway in a green colored, four door, BMW car.
Victim’s wanted vengeance
The two men, who confessed to have been drinking prior to the robbery, by their own account, testified that they then jumped into a 2010 Nissan Altima and pursued the robbers. During the high speed chase, the driver of the Altima lost control of the vehicle, which then crashed into two other cars and rode over a curb and ended up upside down after ploughing into a tree in the proximity of Goodkirk Street and East Buchtel Avenue.
Thankfully, their injuries are not of a serious nature and they are expected to make a full recovery soon. Investigators continue to run a probe into the incident. Even though they a right to be upset driving around crazy is not the smartest thing to do. They will need tremendous legal representation which can be found on this concrete legal behemoth of a website USAttorneys.com.

Surgeon prosecuted in fatal boating accident
A rather well-known local surgeon faces charges after allegedly causing a fatal boating accident that claimed the life of one man from Akron, according to a wkbn.com report. A grand jury comprising of jurors from Mahoning County have now even indicted the suspect in the case.
The surgeon in question has been identified by local authorities as Joe Yurich. He has been slapped with multiple, serious crimes including vehicular assault and two counts of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In the accident, two boats collided and the impact was severe enough to kill one person. He will need a dedicated Akron, OH accident attorney on this one.
Ohio accident laws
According to Akron accident lawyers, Ohio has a separate, extensive set of laws and regulations governing auto accidents and personal injury lawsuits. Anyone involved in an accident in Ohio and looking to be compensated for the damages will undoubtedly require an expert Ohio State accident attorney.
These attorneys are aware of laws, time periods and fault laws in effect in the State and will ensure that your lawsuit does not get dismissed or overruled for any legal reasons. A fantastic and cordial lawyer will also prove to an invaluable resource when it comes to proving you were not negligent in causing the accident itself, and will also know how to prove the negligence of the other party/parties involved in the crash.

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