A man who was involved in a rollover auto accident which happened on I 495 in the early hours of Friday morning last week is in a critical condition and has third degree burns on his body, as reported by delawareonline.com.

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According to a spokesman representing the New Castle County paramedics, they responded to a single motor vehicle crash which was reported in the area of Philadelphia Pike exit on the south bound lanes of Interstate 495. The auto accident victim was trapped in the wreckage within his car and had to be extradited by emergency responders. The process of extraditing the victim itself took around ten minutes during which the victim sustained burns on top of injuries already sustained.
The man was given some treatment on the scene itself post his extradition, and then was rushed to Christiana Hospital’s Trauma Center via airlift using a Delaware State Police Helicopter called Trooper 4. He had burns on both his chest and his legs say emergency medical technicians who imparted some treatment on scene.
The car accident is still under investigation by the Delaware state police department. Their reports will be regarded as crucial evidence in any insurance and other legal related issues according to profound accident lawyers in Newark, DE.
Ellendale woman charged in car accident in Milford
According to delaware1059.com, prosecuting lawyers have filed charges against 19 year old Kala Fluitt of Ellendale which includes theft of a motor vehicle, reckless endangerment, criminal trespassing, possessing marijuana, not possessing registration document of vehicle and also inattentive driving, which can lead to severe penalties and punishment say Delaware accident attorneys.

According to the police report filed by the Delaware State Police Department responders were summoned to Cedar Beach Road following calls of a disabled vehicle.
Responding law enforcement officers arrived to the auto accident site and realized that the vehicle was disabled because it had just been involved in a serious accident. Officers were then approached by a person who claimed to be the owner of the vehicle and this person testified to officers that someone had stolen their car and the suspect was the person who was operating the vehicle when it the car accident occurred.
Kala Fluitt was identified and taken into custody and hit with several charges. Her bail has been set at $3,001 unsecured and her court hearing has been scheduled for the 22nd of December in the Sussex County Court of Common Pleas.
Accident in Mill Creek, one injured and in critical state
A woman who is yet to be identified is now in a critical condition after being involved in a car accident which is being described as a freak accident, according to 6abc.com.
The woman was walking her dog when a jeep ran her over and pinned her underneath. Supposedly, the keys were stuck in the ignition of the jeep and someone put it in neutral in order to retrieve the keys, which is what caused the jeep to coast. The person who was trying to get the keys out of the car did not really know they put the car into neutral. No word on what happened to the dog.
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