Austin, TX- A rollover crash has the potential to be deadly or leave victims with life-altering injuries. But most rollover crashes can be prevented because they are caused by a motorist’s negligence which entails a range of dangerous behaviors such as speeding or drunken driving.
Deadly SE Austin Crash
A recent crash that left one young man dead is an example the devastating outcomes typical of rollover accidents. The Austin Statesman reports that the accident occurred around 3:52 p.m. on Saturday, April 29th in the 4400 block of East William Cannon Drive. According to police, a 29-year-old man driving a pickup lost control and rolled his pickup. He was partially ejected then crushed by his truck, KXAN reports.
The Austin Statesman reports that three other passengers in the truck refused to be treated.
Below Are Factors that Cause Rollover Crashes according to the NHTSA:
Vehicle-Vehicles that are slimmer and taller are more likely to rollover, but any auto is vulnerable under the right conditions.
Speed- Approximately 40 percent of fatal rollover crashes are caused by drivers going too fast, and most occur in areas with at least a 55-mph speed limit.
Drunk Driving- Drunk driving is a factor in half of fatal rollover crashes.
Rural Roads- Approximately half of deadly rollover crashes occur on rural roads without barriers.

Rollover Accidents and Seat Belts
It’s unclear if the driver in the accident discussed above was wearing a seat belt when he crashed, but many fatal rollover crashes involve drivers and passengers who didn’t bother to buckle up. That’s a mistake since wearing a seat belt will prevent a motorist from being ejected or killed in a rollover crash. According to the Centers for Disease Control, a person is thirty times more likely to be ejected if they aren’t wearing a seatbelt.
Failing to wear a seatbelt not only makes injury and death more likely, neglecting to buckle up will affect your personal injury claim. During settlement negotiations, the fact a victim wasn’t wearing a seatbelt can be used to reduce the final settlement award they receive. This tactic is called the seat-belt defense and is often used in car accident claims.

Contact an Accident Lawyer in Austin
Accident victims encounter many road blocks when trying to recover compensation from a negligent party. It takes legal experience and expertise to get through those roadblocks. recommends accident victim in Texas set up a consultation with an accident lawyer.
If you live in Austin, contact the Robson Law Firm and arrange a case evaluation. The accident lawyers at the Robson Law Firm have a track record successful injury claims because they will take your claim seriously. Call their office at (512) 345-8200 and learn what steps you need to take to get personal injury or wrongful death compensation.

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