Passersby Rush to Rescue

St. Cloud, Florida, Aug. 20th, 2015: A rollover van accident that occurred midweek in the proximity of St. Cloud has resulted in the hospitalization of eight children and one woman as per reports by the Florida Highway Patrol authorities.
The driver of the van has been identified as 31 year old Ann Sites, as reported by Supposedly, Sites was traveling in a westerly direction on US Highway 192 close to Nova road and was on her way to a Southland Christian School when the van veered to the lane on the right.

The driver was taken aback by the change in course and ended up panicking and over correcting. The van then went off the road and into the fields and toppled over more than once before coming to a halt. In the process, some of the occupants were ejected from the van. This accident has Orlando, FL accident attorneys taking notice all over the area.
A lot of other motorists and pedestrians that witnessed the crash rushed immediately to the aid of the victims. Helicopters that were operating in the airspace reported that it was one of the biggest crashes they had seen in the area in years. They also talked about how people selflessly flocked and pulled out victims and did everything in their power to help those that were involved in the accident.
Ann Sites was rushed by responding emergency medical technicians to Orlando Regional Medical Center. The nature of her injuries is said to serious. The medical conditions of the children were not immediately clear to troopers. Both eastbound and westbound lanes of US Highway 192 were closed to public access as authorities worked to clear the debris left on the road way by the van. Investigators are currently probing the accident.
Senior woman killed in car accident in Lake County
A woman from Detroit was killed in an accident that occurred on Florida’s Turnpike in Lake County over the weekend according reports from the Florida Highway Patrol. The accident is said to have been a 4 car pileup on the south going lanes of the Turnpike in Groveland, Lake County. It does not matter if she is from Detroit or not, the best Orlando, FL accident lawyers are certainly interested in representing her in either a criminal or civil fashion.

As reported by, the decedent has been described as an 85 year old Orlando woman. She was a passenger in a Dodge Van (one of the four cars involved in the accident) and was rushed to Leesburg Regional Hospital in a critical condition but died shortly after.
Auto accident and personal injury laws in Florida
Florida falls under the category of “no-fault” states when it comes to auto accidents and personal injury claims. No fault basically means that all drivers involved in an accident must file claims with their own auto insurers for compensation irrespective of who was at fault for causing the accident. However, it is not easy business dealing with such insurance companies especially when it comes to getting them to pay up.
Therefore, we strongly suggest that you hire an expert Florida accident attorney that can take care of everything for you and make sure you are paid accordingly. If you do not want to leave money on the table then do not! There are some wonderful accident attorneys on the site right here that will help you turn the tables on any sloppy drivers. Get the law on your side!

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