Tragic Rope Swing Accident at Folsom Lake Claims Life of Young Journalist in Sacramento

A joyful day at Folsom Lake in Sacramento turned tragic on Saturday when a 23-year-old woman died after falling 30 feet from a rope swing.

According to Barry Smith, Gold Fields District of California State Parks chief ranger, Kathryn Hoedt, a morning news producer for NBC affiliate KCRA, plunged onto rocks near the water’s edge. Friends rushed her body to a nearby boat ramp where an off-duty doctor performed CPR.

Victim Identified

Hoedt was later transported to the Sutter Roseville Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead. The tragic incident has left her colleagues at KCRA devastated.

“Our team is heartbroken about the loss of Katie Hoedt,” KCRA news director Derek Schnell said in a statement. “She had a bright future ahead of her and she’ll be deeply missed.”

Dangers of Rope Swings

Park officials have long warned about the dangers of rope swings at Folsom Lake, cutting them down whenever spotted. Mike Howard, the superintendent of the Folsom sector for California State Parks, explained the risks.

“A rope swing may be safer earlier in the season,” Howard said. “And then as the season progresses, they get much more dangerous. It’s not worth it.”

Hoedt’s parents, deeply grieved by the loss of their daughter, are calling for more proactive measures to prevent a similar incident in the future.

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The tragic loss of Kathryn Hoedt serves as a solemn reminder of the unexpected dangers that can lurk in seemingly harmless recreational activities. As the community mourns, calls for increased safety measures at Folsom Lake grow louder. For those facing legal questions or needing support after an accident, Sacramento, California accident attorneys at are ready to provide professional guidance and compassion during a difficult time. Her loss will resonate with many, and her legacy as a vibrant and committed journalist will live on.