Sacramento, CA-Most motorists think the drivers in their city are the worst, but unless they live in Sacramento, they’d be wrong. There are plenty of U.S cities with bad drivers, so it’s not a surprise that several California cities made the list with Sacramento at the top.
Sacramento Drivers Ranked the Worst in the Nation
Drivers in each city or state have noticeable traits specific to the residents in that city, according to QuoteWizard. For instance, they note that drivers in Los Angeles are prone to road rage, while drivers in Portland are exceedingly nice.
QuoteWizard analyzed accident data from users of their website to come up with their rankings. They looked at over two million data points from 2016 to compare drivers in 75 cities in the U.S. The main factors used to determine their rankings include:
Drunk or drugged driving
Speeding tickets
Traffic violations for using a cell phone while driving or running a running a traffic light.
Other California cities on the list include:
Riverside, CA- #3 on the list
San Diego, CA- #5 on the list
Los Angeles, CA- #6 on the list
QuoteWizard said Sacramento drivers are the worst because of the number of traffic violations issued to motorists. It has the highest rate of traffic citations and the second highest number of traffic accidents.

What Are an Accident Victim’s Rights in Sacramento?
If you are hit a motorist who is speeding, drunk, texting or engaging in any other negligent behaviors, you may be able to recover personal injury compensation. Depending on the circumstances of your crash, you can seek compensation for your medical expenses and other economic damages resulting from their wreck.
After an accident, the bills can add up quickly, so you need to get the assistance of an accident lawyer in Sacramento. can connect you a lawyer near you investigate and determine the value of your accident claim. When you meet with one of our law experts, they will look at the details of your case to get an estimate of your accident expenses. They will also determine of you are eligible for emotional damages. You can rely on our attorneys to get the most out of your accident claim.
Following are factors that will influence the value of your accident claim:
The amount of your medical expenses including rehabilitation, procedures, and medications
Severity of your injuries
Whether you are permanently or temporarily disabled
Your mental anguish
How much time, if any, you missed from work
Call an accident lawyer in Sacramento and arrange a case evaluation today. They will give you honest advice and take whatever steps are needed to maximize your compensation. You will leave with the information you need to make a smart decision about how to proceed with your case.

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